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Filter sleeves range of industrial filters Cintropur nw50, nw62, nw75, nw500, nw650 and nw800, fully compatible with the water refiners in the range Aguapure. 8 levels of filtration of 1 microns to 300 microns. The filter sleeves of 150 microns and 300 microns are washables. Pack of 5 sleeves.

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Cintropur cuffs, sieves, vlies, filter socks or filter sleeves for Airwatec water filter of the industrial range

Note: this water filter holder is also named under different names: slipper, filtering slipper, cuff, sleeve, sock, vlies, filter bag or sieve. They all mean the same thing ...

All these filter sleeves cover the old industrial NW50, NW62 and NW75 models and the new models NW500, NW650 and NW800.

The 25 micron sleeve is standard on the NW500, which is on sale in the Aguagreen webshop.

 100% compatible with the water refiners Aguapure

Filtration details for filter sleeves, sieves, vlies, filter socks or Cintropur sleeves from the industrial range:

1 µm,  5 µm10 µm25 µm50 µm100 µm150 µm washable and 300 µm washable for the models of the water filters Cintropur nw50, nw62, nw75, nw500, nw650 and nw800.

Note for owners of Cintropur water filters in the range prior to filters nw500, nw500 te and nw800: note that the cuffs for the filters of the new range, that is to say nw500, nw650 and nw800 are fully compatible with the earlier older range (filter model nw50, nw62 and nw75) and vice versa.

Certification and warranty

All the filter cuffs sold in our webshop are certified Airwatec manufacturing origin and guaranteed by Aguagreen.

If in doubt

Do not hesitate to contact us via the webshop form or simply by calling us. Answer assured quickly.

Are you looking for spare parts and accessories for your Cintropur water filters in the industrial range?

You will also find spare parts for the water filter models of this industrial range by clicking on Cintropur Industrial Spare Parts. Most of these spare parts are in stock.

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Where can I buy your filter sleeve Cintropur industrial in South Africa?

Where can I buy your filter sleeve in South Africa Port Elizabeth Cintropur NW 500, 650, 800?
Spray Nozzle (PTY) LTD, 50 Silverstone Crescent 1684 Kyalami, Tel: +27 11 466 2100,

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