Cintroclear cartridges

Cartridges for Cintroclear models AC110, UF400 et UF500

Cartridges for water filters and water purifiers CINTROCLEAR models AC110, UF400, UF500.

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  • Cintroclear cartridge ADS 150 compressed active carbon high pressure bonded with a high temperature polymer. Neutralizes unpleasant tastes and odors. Greater absorption capacity than the ADS 100 cartridge to neutralize finer heavy metals and residual drug components. Aguagreen official distributor Cintroclear.

  • Cintroclear ADS cartridge 150 UF ultrafiltration, high-pressure compressed activated carbon bonded with a high temperature polymer and ultrafiltration fibers within 0.15 µm into the cartridge to neutralize viruses and bacteria. Filter heavy metals, chemicals and drug residues. Eliminates unpleasant tastes and odors. European garantee by Aguagreen official...

  • Cartridge Cintroclear ADS 100 compressed activated carbon and bonded at high temperature with a polymer. Improves the organoleptic values (taste and odor), reduces heavy metals, chemical residues and drug traces. Aguagreen official distributor Cintroclear.

  • Maintenance kit for Cintroclear UF 400 and UF 500. Box with 1 cartridge prefilter 5 microns, 1 cartridge denitration, 1 cartridge ADS 150 Cintroclear activated carbon tablets, 1 cartridge ultrafiltration 0.15 microns, 1 Key bowl and 1 manual describing the method of maintenance. Warning: No UV lamp included. Aguagreen official distributor Cintroclear....

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items