Capsulated Greenfilter RO membranes

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Capsulated GREENFILTER RO membranes for desalt water. Up to 98% of the salt filtration.
Greenfilter capsulated membranes from the latest technology in water purification by reverse osmosis. The membranes that are stored in Spain allow us to have the largest available stock of capsulated membranes in Europe. Production and guarantee of origin by Puricom manufacturer.

The capsulated RO membranes GREENFILTER are 100% compatible with the membranes of VONTRON and FILMTEC.

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SpecificityOsmotic purification
OperationOsmosis by membrane
Capsulated Greenfilter 50 / 75 / 100-GPD10 bar max. / Up to 98% salt rejection / 45°C (113°F) max. / 2-11 pH / ‹0.1 ppm free chlorine max. / SDI 5 max.

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How to know if the capsulated RO membrane of GREENFILTER is adequate to your device for water filtration or purification of water ?

For all compatible devices (RO reverse osmosis / water dispensers / water coolers):

The corresponding capsulated GREENFILTER RO membrane is indicated. RO means Reverse Osmosis in English.

You do not have a device from the webshop Aguagreen ?

The dimensions (mm) in the table below will help you identify the right model by comparing with the capsulated RO membrane you want to replace:

Dimensions of capsulated Greenfilter RO membranes

The capsulated Greenfilter RO membrane is made of polyamide and spirally rolled up.


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