Columbia 700-S water dispenser counter top

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Water dispensers of cold and hot water purified, range Columbia 700s version countertop. Three options are available depending on the level of purity required: Option F (filtration), option UF (ultrafiltration) or option RO (reverse osmosis RO). Installation and connection quick (installation guide clear). Setting temperature by thermostat. Easy maintenance by replacement of filter cartridges and the purification cartridges. Water fountains Columbia 700s are certified NSF, Aqua Europa, Aqua Espana, Water Quality Association, CE and ISO 9001 Free Shipping. 2 years warranty.

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Data sheet

SpecificityWater dispenser of cold and hot water purified
Operation Columbia 700s FFiltration 5 µm + purification GAC activated carbon
Operation Columbia 700s UFFiltration 5 µm + purification GAC activated carbon + membrane ultrafiltration
Operation Columbia 700s ROFiltration 5 µm + purification GAC activated carbon + RO membrane 80GPD + GAC postfiltration
Warranty2 years
Maximum flow5 liters of cold water / 7 liters of hot water / per hour
DimensionsWidth 25 cm x height 49 cm x depth 47 cm (+ overhang bypass 8 cm)
ContainerStainless steel AISI 304
ConnectionsWater under pressure / Draining
ElectricityVoltage 220 V - 50 Hz
MaintenanceReplacing cartridges every 10,000 liters or 1 per year
T° cold water4-12°C
T° hot water70-90°C
T° controlThermostat
Compressor1/10 HP / Sealed / Cons. 90W
Refrigerant compressorR-134a
Heating processSystem strips of stainless steel AISI 304. Cons. 430W


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purchased  By (Bursa, Turkey) on  17 Sept. 2019 (Columbia 700-S water dispenser counter top) :

Excellent product

Excellent product that is not followed.