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Cintropur TRIO-UV-25W product of drinking water by UV treatment, particulate filtration and purification with activated carbon. Super model 3 in 1 compact, convenient and economical maintenance. Ideal for rain water, well water, spring water, well water or network if the hardness does not exceed 17 ° F. Wall mount stainless steel screws, key bell and installation instructions included. The water purifier Cintropur TRIO-UV is guaranteed for 2 years Aguagreen official distributor Cintropur.

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SpecificityStérilisateur d'eau par rayonnement UV + purificateur au charbon activé + filtre particulaire
Warranty5 years
Maximum flow2000 liters per hour
FittingsDN20 (3/4 ") on union connectors (black)
PressureMinimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars
UV lamp25 watts / Efficiency 1 year continuous
Quartz tube5 years continuous efficiency

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Water purifier Cintropur trio-uv-25W for to filter by filter sleeve particle and sediment, by Cintropur activated carbon for purification and by ultraviolet for to sterilize the water.

One of the latest innovations in the treatment of specific water produced by Cintropur.

Cintropur TRIO-UV is the ideal water purifier with triple function to obtain disinfected, clear water, without odors and unpleasant and fresh tastes.

Posted by Aguagreen on June 9, 2019

The Cintropur TRIO-UV is composed of three in-line filters:

First filter fitted with a 25 micron filter sleeve as standard to clarify the incoming water of sediments and suspended particles.

Second filter fitted with a container of Cintropur activated carbon to eliminate bad taste, foul odors and residual pollution.

Third filter containing a 25W UV lamp to emit ultraviolet radiation which is housed in a quartz tube to diffuse UV waves uniformly according to scientific specifications UVc at 253.7 Nm reproduced by the sun.

The combined actions of water clarification with active carbon purification of the first two filters of the Cintropur TRIO-UV aim to reduce the turbidity of the water as much as possible before entering the third sterilization filter. Indeed, it is crucial that the water is clean and clear to ensure the continued effectiveness of UV treatment.

Is UV rainwater treatment useful? Yes and no...
Yes. By health security if we consume this water in drink and food.
No. If this water is used for washing, cleaning, WC, and shower (under certain conditions). In general, it depends on the collection process and the quality of storage in tanks.

Is UV radiation toxic?
No. To date, no scientific study has demonstrated the toxicity of this specific type of short-wave UVc treatment.

The punctuality of the maintenance of the Cintropur TRIO-UV water purifier is very important.
For continued efficiency it is imperative to change the UV lamp every year and the quartz tube after 5 years. The filter sleeve and activated carbon must be replaced every 6 months.

Is hard water compatible with UV treatment? Yes and no...
Yes, if the water hardness does not exceed 16 ° f.
No, if above 17 ° f water hardness. Indeed, the quartz tube smears too quickly with scale, considerably reducing the diffusion of UV emitted by the lamp and consequently the efficiency of germicidal radiation.
When opting for UV water treatment, it is often drilling water which, in most cases, is medium to very hard water. A sodium softener is essential to soften this kind of water. But the drilling water may require another pre-treatment: iron removal, sludge removal or various depollution.

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