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Water Purifier Cintropur DUO-UV sterilizer ultraviolet radiation to filter and drinkable water. Model 2 in 1 compact, powerful, easy to maintain. Good for secure rainwater, well water, spring water, well water or network if the hardness does not exceed 17 ° F. Supplied with wall mounting stainless steel screws, bell key and installation instructions. Device certified original unmodified Airwatec and guaranteed for 2 years by Aguagreen official distributor Cintropur UV.

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Data sheet

SpecificityWater sterilizer by UV radiation + filter with sleeve
Warranty5 years
Maximum flow2000 liters per hour
FittingsDN20 (3/4 ") on union connectors (black)
PressureMinimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars
UV lamp25 watts / Efficiency 1 year continuous
Quartz tube5 years continuous efficiency

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Water Purifier Cintropur duo-uv by ultraviolet sterilization  and by to filtration of sediment with Cintropur filter sleeve.

This device is the second of the UV purifier range produced by Airwatec European manufacturer located in Belgium.

Purification of water by ultraviolet radiation devices

Due to its simplicity and efficiency, UV sterilization of water has grown widely in recent years. The UV radiation at 253.7 Nm constitutes a part of the solar radiation which is artificially reproduced.

The UVc produced have a radiation of much greater intensity than sunlight and are therefore used for sterilization of water. A first-class technology which, in terms of disinfection, is recognized for the elimination of Legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, while respecting the environment. This is the ideal method for eliminating microorganisms from water, thus making it bacteriologically safe to drink. Verification of physical and bacteriological parameters will confirm or deny whether the water is potable.

Types of water treated by ultraviolet sterilizer water purifiers
The treatment of rainwater increases the applications in a great safety of use.

  • Preventive treatment against pathogenic contamination of drilling and well water.
  • Treatment which guarantees the quality of the mains water when it is of unsatisfactory bacteriological quality.
  • Ensures a constant bacteriological quality of spring water and surface water.
  • Efficient sterilization of water which is stored in a tank or tank such as for example in boats or caravans, and which needs real health security.

Sectoral uses of water purifiers by UV sterilization

  • General water pipes for the house, bathrooms and showers.
  • Culinary preparations.
  • Water that feeds American refrigerators.
  • Chilled water in an electric fountain.
  • Aquarist for fish farming.
  • Food cleaning and rinsing.
  • For animal breeders who need to disinfect the water by eliminating pathogenic sources.

Advantages of UV devices

  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • The UV process deactivates almost 100% any pathogenic element.
  • UV treatment is natural without the need for addition of chemicals with the risk of overdose.
  • Water does not have an unpleasant taste or smell
  • Certified efficacy on pathogenic microorganisms
  • No residual stagnation of toxic by-products
  • Economical and fast maintenance

The Cintropur range of water filters has been developed into a range of sterilization water purifiers and called Cintropur UV

Advantages of the new Cintropur DUO-UV purifier:
The most compact of UV + filtration purifiers

  • With integrated flow limiter guaranteeing optimal treatment
  • Equipped with a practical maintenance follow-up table
  • High quality parts
  • Industrial grade finish
  • Treatment efficiency certified by biodosimetry
  • Range of purifiers covering flow rates up to 10,000 L / H
  • Very economical operation
  • Possibility of mounting the filters in cascade: UV + filtration + activated carbon

Good reasons to choose a sterilizing water purifier from the Cintropur UV range
Treatment flow rates up to 10 m³ / h

  • Low pressure losses thanks to the large diameter
  • Range of connections up to 2 "
  • Compact and ingenious
  • Power and professionalism:

- Effective 100% physical disinfection without odors or tastes
- Integrated flow restrictor

  • Precise biodosimetry
  • Very economical maintenance
  • Easy and simple installation and use
  • Manual tightening thanks to O-rings
  • All spare parts are available from stock

Filter sleeves also called sieves, vlies, filter socks or sleeves which are available for the filter bowl of Cintropur duo-uv:

nw25-5µm, nw25-10µm, nw25-25µm, nw25-50µm, nw25-100µm, nw25-150µm washable, nw25-300µm washable.

 Find a Cintropur UV spare part.

Also on sale in the international online store AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.


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