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Airthink purifies all mattresses and linens infected. Sterilization function by ultraviolet radiation associated with the suction function Airthink is a perfect allied to get rid of mites, bacteria and viruses. Easy to use, Airthink, the purifier of bed and textile is the perfect companion for a healthier life of night and day. Double guarantee: manufacturer and webshop Aguagreen. Free shipping.

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SpecificityPurifier mattress / drummer vacuum
Warranty2 years
DimensionsWidth 308 mm x height 418 mm x depth 220 mm
UV lamp6 watts / Efficiency 2 years continuous
ElectricityVoltage 220 V - 50 Hz
MaintenanceReplace the UV lamp every 2 years
Engine power450 w
FilterHEPA cartridge 0.35 micron
Threshing systemYes
Vacuum cleanerYes
Security systemOptical sensor
Variation power3 levels

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Airthink is the perfect purifier of mattresses, place to get rid of mites, bacteria and viruses.

Its cleaning functions are very complete to secure living environment where you spend a lot of time: the bed!

Think air purifies and cleans mattresses and textiles in 4 steps:

  1. Airthink hype. Vibration system which ejects the microscopic particles and the parasites at the surface of the mattress or textile.

  2. Airthink sterilization. Bactericidal ultraviolet radiation lamp, UV-C, which neutralizes dust mites, bacteria, fungi, bacteria and other organisms.

  3. Airthink vacuum cleaner. Powerful suction with three variations to aspirate mites and other organisms or residues previously neutralized by UV-c.

  4. Airthink filtration. Particulate filtration cartridge (HEPA micro filtration up 0.35 microns) to purify the ejected air.

Maintenance of the Airthink purifier

A minimum of maintenance is enough to maintain its effectiveness.

  • Cleaning the container. Empty contents and wash with warm soapy water.

  • Filter cleaning. Do not wet. Use the brush provided with the vacuum cleaner.

  • Cleaning the rotating brush. Unscrew the top plate to remove it. Clean with a soft brush.

  • Cleaning of UV-C lamp. With dry cotton.

  • Replacing UV-C lamp. Unscrew the bottom plate off.

  • Airthink storage. In a clean, dry place.

The commissioning of the purifier Airthink is actually very simple!

  1. Connecting to an electrical outlet.

  2. Selection of power.

  3. Selection of vibration / suction program.


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