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Refiner water revitalization Aguapure K10. Organoleptic qualities revitalized and stopping the scale-forming corrosion by galvanic electrolysis of the new Galvac ion 20 reactor. Easy to install. Four years including consumables: Volcalite, Agualite, filter sleeves and activated carbon. Suitable for housing up to 6 people. Design and assembly by Aguagreen.

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SpecificityEcological water refiner revitalization anti-corrosion
Warranty10 years for GALVAC™ ION REACTOR / 5 years for filters
Dimensions (vertical and parallel installation)Width 55 cm x height 140 cm x depth 16 cm
Dimensions (horizontal installation)Width 86 cm x height 45 cm x depth 16 cm
Flow / efficiency3000 liters per hour
FittingsDN20 (3/4") on connector (black) and reactor
PressureMinimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars
Weight in service11 kg
MaintenanceChange catalyst masses 1x per year / Sleeve 2x per year

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Ecological water refiner and water dynamizer, model Aguapure K10, for a house up to 6 people.

 Maintenance kit Aguapure K10





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purchased  By (Bursa, Turkey) on  17 Sept. 2019 (Refiner Aguapure K10) :

Excellent product

Excellent product that is followed.