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Water filters high flow industrial range Cintropur. Clarify water by micro filtration in an filter sleeve and purify in activated carbon. Flow rates up to 18,000 L/h. Cintropur models NW500 and NW500 TE with or without accessories (bowl wrench, wall mounting with screws and bolts, technical sheet). Filter sleeves (cuffs) available from 1 to 300 microns. Industrial Cintropur is fully compatible with the filters of water refiners Aguapure. Filters

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Data sheet

SpecificityWater filter
Warranty2 years
DimensionsWidth 30 cm x height 71 cm (without manometer) x depth 26 cm (with wall bracket)
NW500 average flow18 000 liters per hour
NW500 TE average flow2000 liters per hour
FittingsDN50 (2 ") on union connectors (black)
PressureMinimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars
Weight in service11 kg

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Cintropur industrial water filters models nw 500 and nw 500 te

Filter sleeves (cuffs) available in our Consumables section "Supplies".

 100% compatible with the water refiners Aguapure 


A water filter might seem simple and banal at first ...

Posted by Aguagreen

However, in this simple appearance is housed a sophisticated technique of fluid treatment. Their design is based on two original features: 

  1. the incoming water is converted into a helical vortex by fins to project the sediment downwards to the bowl;

  2. the filter sleeve or sieve or filter sock made of special material woven from 5 to 300 microns completes the filtration.

When we hold one of these filters in hand, it is obvious that it comes from a research in depth technical calibration. The 35 years of experience of Airwatec engineers are the rulers of this perfect mastery. It is the use that these filters surprise by their efficiency to manage flow rates of 2500 to 30000 liters per hour, the ease of maintenance, the very reasonable price of maintenance compared to traditional water filters.

What most of us do not know: these filters have a property of resistance to liquids whose pH is very low. Knowing that rain or well water is acidic, it is obvious why Cintropur is the preferred choice of water treatment professionals up to a temperature of 60 ° C.

Photo co-founder Aguagreen D. Mathy
2 avenue du Maréchal Foch
59680 Ferrière-la-Grande, France

Nobody is rich enough to afford filters [cheap]!

Explanations in detail of the range of filters Cintropur manufacturer Airwatec in its industrial and professional uses

Posted by Aguagreen

Airwatec filters are all made with modern synthetic materials. They have been designed for food use, especially to make drinking water with the addition of activated charcoal. The finned collar in the filter head twirls the water spirally to precipitate the sediment in the bottom of the bell. Then, the filter sleeve takes over to clarify the water of the residual particles.

Purpose of Airwatec water filters

Professional protection of community or industrial water supply pipes by filtration of sediments and micro-organic residues. These filters are positioned upstream and downstream of the equipment or at several levels depending on the filtration steps required.

Main applications of Airwatec industrial water filters

Semi-industrial and large domestic

fleche_droite15px.png Protection of distribution water, rain, well or boreholes

fleche_droite15px.png Clarification of water before treatment with UV, ultra filtration or reverse osmosis


fleche_droite15px.png Protection of the industrial installations of the water treatment

fleche_droite15px.png Clarification of incoming water in high pressure equipment up to 2500 bar

Market gardeners and agriculture

fleche_droite15px.png Filtration on watering networks

fleche_droite15px.png Clarification of the water that feeds animal flocks

fleche_droite15px.png Clarification, filtration and purification of rainwater, wells or drilling

Advantages of these high-flow water filters

  1. High flow

  2. Minimal loss of charge

  3. Whirling Clarification

  4. Very robust and reliable filters

  5. Very solid purge valve under bell

  6. Airwatec technology exclusive, ecological and inexpensive thanks to filtering cuffs

  7. Clogging of the filter sleeve permanently visible thanks to the transparency of the bowl

Available water models and treatments with Airwatec water filters

TE model of these industrial water filters

The NW TE model is equipped with a tube with strainer to receive activated charcoal or other catalytic masses intended to significantly reduce the scaling of the heaters and water heaters:

  • Poly-, Silico-phosphates and certain silicate compounds
    Effective up to 60°C, these products will be used to reduce the harmful and encrusting effects of tartar. The protection of new sanitary installations against rust is another well-known application.

  • Special activated carbon Airwatec skin and special Carbolite water
    The large pore volume and large exchange surface make this Cintropur special active carbon an excellent choice for improving taste, eliminating odors, reducing chlorine, ozone and micropollutants as pesticides and others. dissolved organic substances.

When choosing an Airwatec water filter you are sure to acquire equipment with guaranteed performance and strength.

fleche_droite15px.png Large flow rates from 3.5 m³ / h up to 30 m³ / h

fleche_droite15px.png Low pressure losses thanks to the large diameter

fleche_droite15px.png Connection fan from 3/4 "up to 3"

fleche_droite15px.png Double level of filtration:

  1. Swirl collar with swirling action
  2. By filtration sleeve, sieve, vlies or filter sock

fleche_droite15px.png Wide range of filtration levels from 1 to 300 μm (micrometer):

  1. Cintropur disposable filter cuffs: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 μm (micrometer)
  2. Cintropur Washable Filter Covers: 150 and 300 μm (micrometer)

fleche_droite15px.png All Airwatec spare parts are available from stock

fleche_droite15px.png Airwatec purge valves (or ball valve) to evacuate particles

fleche_droite15px.png The transparency of the Airwatec bowl (or bell) makes it possible to monitor the fouling

fleche_droite15px.png Hand tightening with Airwatec O-rings

fleche_droite15px.png Very economical, practical and ecological maintenance:

  1. Easy and inexpensive replacement of the filter sleeve, sieve, vlies or filter sock
  2. Respect of the environment thanks to these elements 100% recyclable

Reading symbols used in Airwatec and Aguagreen information:

  • µm = micrometer commonly micron or μ | 1 μm equals 0.000 001 m or 1 millionth of a meter

  • L/m = Liter per minute

  • m³/h = cubic meter per hour | 1 m³ equals 1000 Liters

  • 1/8" = one-eighth of an inch | 1/8 inch is DN3

  • 1/4" = a quarter of an inch | 1/4 inch corresponds to DN8

  • 3/8" = three eighths of an inch | 3/8 inch corresponds to DN10

  • 1/2" = half an inch | 1/2 inch corresponds to DN15

  • 3/4" = three-quarter inch | 3/4 inch corresponds to DN20

  • 1" = one inch | 1 inch corresponds to DN25

  • 1"1/4 = one inch one quarter | 1 1/4 inch is DN32

  • 1"1/2 = one and a half inches | 1 1/2 inches corresponds to DN40

  • 2" = two inches | 2 inches corresponds to DN50

  • 2"1/2 = two and a half inches | 2 1/2 inches equals DN65

  • 3" = three inches | 3 inches corresponds to DN80

Filter sleeves, sieves, vlies, filter socks, sleeves for Cintropur Industrial water filters are in stock and on sale in the Aguagreen Online Shop:

1 µm,  5 µm10 µm25 µm50 µm100 µm150 µm washable and 300 µm washable for the models of the water filters Cintropur nw50, nw62, nw75, nw500, nw650 and nw800.

Also on sale in the international online store AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.


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