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Ft Line 2 Basic WITHOUT ANY FAUCET. Filter water in two stages to produce pure, fresh water. First stage pre-filtration to 5 microns. Second purification step in activated carbon with silver. Improves taste and smell of water. Ft Line 2 Basic is very compact and easy to install anywhere. The connection is simple. Ft Line 2 Basic is certified to European approvals.

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SpecificityWater filter
OperationFiltration 5 µm + purification activated carbon silver
Warranty2 years
IncludedStainless steel wall mounting
AccessoriesValve / Fittings / Tube / Faucet / Wall bracket
Cartridge Ft Line 82 PP8.6 bar max. / Prefiltration 5 µm / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 3.7 L minute / Service life 11,340 L 1 year
Cartridge Ft Line 888.6 bar max. / Silver activated carbon / Bacteriostatic / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1 L minute / Service life 10,000 L 1 year

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Cartridges kit for maintenance of Ft Line 2 Basic, water purifier by filtration and by purifcation

Opportunity to purchase cartridges separately depending on the characteristics of the water:

  • Cartridge Ft Line 82 PP, pre-filtration sediments

  • Cartridge Ft Line 88, GAC activated carbon silver

Click one of the following models:

Cartridge Ft Line 82 pre filtration 5 micronsCartridge 
Ft Line 82 PP
pre-filter 5 µm
Cartridge Ft Line GAC activated carbon silver

Ft Line 88 
GAC activated
carbon silver

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purchased  By (Bursa, Turkey) on  17 Sept. 2019 (Ft Line 2 Basic water filter) :

Excellent product

Excellent product that is followed.