Domestic CINTROPUR filters with high performance technical

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CINTROPUR Domestic is a high performance technical water filter for filtering water.

Supporting filter sleeves from 1 to 300 microns or certified activated carbon.

The Cintropur filter clarifies and purifies water for flow rates from 500 to 6500 liters per hour.

All CINTROPUR models NW 18, NW 25, NW 25 TE, NW 25 TE-CTN, NW 25 DUO, NW 25 DUO-CTN, NW 25 TRIO, TIO, NW 32, NW 32 TE, NW 32 DUO and NW 32 TRIO are available in 2 versions:

  • FULL with accessories (bowl wrench, wall bracket with screws, technical manual + drain valve added additionally by Aguagreen),
  • WITHOUT ACCESSORIES if it is for a one-time repair.

Several instructional videos present tips and tricks on the use and maintenance of water filters from the CINTROPUR Domestic range.

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Also on sale in the international online store AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.

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Data sheet

SpecificityWater filter
Warranty2 years
DimensionsDownload the documentation to view all dimensions
Average flow of NW18 model3500 liters/hour
Average flow of NW25 model5500 liters/hour
Average flow of NW25 TE / TE-CTN / DUO / DUO-CTN models500 to 1100 liters/hour
Average flow of NW32 model6500 liters/hour
Average flow of NW32 TE model500 to 1100 liters/hour
Fittings NW18 modelDIN20 (3/4")
Fittings NW25 modelsDIN25 (4/4") - Free option on demand: DIN20 (3/4")
Fittings NW32 modelsDIN32 (5/4") - Free option on demand: DIN25 (4/4") or DIN20 (3/4")
PressureMinimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars
Weight in service2-6 kg depending on model

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Domestic CINTROPUR filters with high performance technical.

This range is also available in the CINTROPUR portal of the international online store AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.

Video presenting the Domestic Cintropur range filters.

Cintropur has been a symbol of quality for 35 years in the filtration of liquids.

The domestic range of Cintropur water filters is one of the best on the market in terms of value for money. Cintropur is the preferred choice of heating professionals and plumbing craftsmen. No technical incident or after-sales service has never been reported since our existence.

Cintropur filters WITH or WITHOUT accessories

Aguagreen is the only one to offer this option in the selection of Cintropur filters from the domestic range. Why pay more when you only need the filter to replace the old one? Indeed, in the event of damage by frost or flames, replacing the basic filter (with union connection of course!) Without accessories is simpler, safer and less expensive since most of the time the wall mounting and the key with bowl are recovered, especially if the wall mounting bracket is the stainless steel for Cintropur NW 25 DUO, Cintropur NW 25 DUO-CTN and Cintropur NW 32 in duo.

Cintropur water filters of Domestic range

What exactly is a water filter for?

Water from the public distribution and drilling network.

To obtain maximum protection against sediment Public water generally distributes clean water, but is regularly disturbed by renovations or new installations during connections. Silica sand, metal shavings and scraps are likely to spill into your domestic water system.

Collected rainwater and well water

To improve the level of hygiene in untreated water The level of impurities is higher in these waters because they are exposed to the weather. Lots of waste and macro particles deteriorate the pipes and then clog taps and household appliances. These deposits, which increase bacterial proliferation, become a health hazard.

Installing a good quality water filter considerably reduces any health risk and protects the water pipes beyond current regulations. Even if the water filters do not require a lot of maintenance, it is a good idea that the sieves, sleeves, bowls and vortex elements should be maintained periodically to guarantee a good hygienic balance of the water.

Maintenance of water filters: replacement of sieves, cuffs or filter socks every 6 months.

Annual cleaning of the water filters: disinfection of the bowl and the vortex elements.

Important note on water filtration: cuff water filters clarify water and activated carbon water filters purify water.

Purification against pollutants: to remove nitrate, iron, heavy metals and other pollutants, only membrane filtration (ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis) is effective.

To physically remove lime scale: only a sodium water softener is effective.

Why specifically use Cintropur brand water filters?

In addition to being ecological and inexpensive, Cintropur water filters are an excellent solution for sanitizing water. While sieve filters trap sediment suspended in the water (sand, rust, gravel, etc.), activated carbon filters considerably reduce pesticides and chemical residues. Recognized worldwide for its excellent natural properties, activated charcoal significantly improves the taste and odor of water.

Objective reasons made us choose Cintropur water filters from the manufacturer Cintropur.

It's a brand belonging to the Belgian company Cintropur, distinguished for its innovations in water treatment.

Manufactured in Europe, their filters are designed with first quality synthetic materials which make them exceptional products. Guaranteed for 5 years, Cintropur filters also benefit from the health compliance certificate and are therefore suitable for food and drinking water use.

Water filters Cintropur and its spare parts are fully compatible with Aguapure water refiners.

Filter sleeves.

Behind this Rolls Royce of water purification hides a little well-kept secret: the sieve, ingeniously woven by Cintropur. Reliable in any test, they are available with different fineness of filtration: 1 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm for disposables, and 150 µm or 300 µm for washes. At unbeatable prices, they are also very easy to change, which offers the most resourceful the possibility of saving on labor.

Cintropur NW 25. Drawing of operation and photo of the installation of a filter sleeve.


It is based on a simple principle. The water enters on one side and its flow is transformed into a centrifugal effect thanks to the Cintropur propeller which precipitates the heavy particles at the bottom of the bell. The water then passes through the sieve which finalizes the filtration by retaining the smaller particles in suspension according to the fineness chosen, then finally emerges from the other side to join the pipes.

Cintropur is a solution when fouling of the public network reaches ... your home!

When work is carried out on public water pipes, large drops of sediment form stones at the level of the boiler, often causing significant damage. The use of a filter is then a wise choice in the protection of its equipment. Unless you are located in the Alps, the filtration of your drinking water is far from being a luxury! The second image illustrates what a filter removed after 6 months of use looks like at a client located on the outskirts of the European capital. Better that these sediments remain in the filter rather than in or on our body!

Drilling water with Cintropur filters

Filtration is essential in drilling water, provided that the iron level has been previously resolved (≤100mg / L). If the water is still heavily charged, it is advisable to have progressive filtration levels (for example 1st sieve filter with a fineness of 150 µm, the 2nd of 25 µm and the 3rd of 5 µm).

Treatment of rainwater by filtration Cintropur

As for rainwater treatment, Cintropur strainer filters are perfectly suited. Complementary filtration with activated carbon will eliminate unpleasant odors or even produce drinking water under certain periodic maintenance conditions. Refer to Cintropur NW-TE strainer or TE-CTN filters with removable housing designed to contain activated carbon.

Activated carbon with filter Cintropur.

With a strainer or removable container that is easier to maintain but has a smaller capacity, these Cintropur filters use a special activated carbon that is very effective for water treatment. Like its cousin sieve, the activated carbon filter is very easy to maintain and at unbeatable prices. Activated carbon is available in Cintropur skin keg of 3.4 liters or in Carbolite jerrycan of 4.7 liters.

Cintropur NW 25 TE-CTN. Diagram of the operation and photo of the pouring of activated carbon into the container.

Strainer process.

It differs slightly from its sieve cousin. Water always enters on one side and leaves on the other after filtration, but its flow does not need to be transformed into a centrifugal effect by a propeller. The water is therefore quite naturally filtered through the activated carbon under pressure and passes through the strainer located at the bottom of the bell to then rise via a tube to the outlet.

Process with removable container.

In this case, the water enters the bell and then enters the container from below to exit there at the top through the small strainer. Filling is very easy by unscrewing the head of the strainer.

Two brand for activated carbon:

  • Skin Cintropur,
  • Carbolite.

The use of activated carbon filters is one of the most accessible solutions for reducing undesirable substances and producing drinking water or refining mains water.

Does your tap water have an unpleasant odor and does not taste very good? Place a Cintropur  water filter!

The activated carbon filter is the solution to give you the pleasure of good water, accessible at all times. As a result, substantial savings on your purchase of plastic water bottles added to a reduction in the carbon footprint on the environment.

Filter sleeves available for the the Domestic range:












nw25-150µm washable,

nw25-300µm washable,

nw32-1µm, nw32-5µm,





nw32-150µm washable,

nw32-300µm washable.

Also on sale in the international online store AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.


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