Why use water filters Cintropur ?

In addition to being environmentally friendly and inexpensive Cintropur water filters are a great solution to clean water.

While strainers trap sediment suspended in water (sand, rust, gravel, etc.), activated carbon filters greatly reduce pesticides and chemical residues. Renowned worldwide for its excellent natural properties, activated carbon significantly improves the taste and odor of water.

Why choose manufacturer Cintropur ?

Cintropur is a Belgian trademark, emeritus for its innovations in water treatment

European manufacturing, their filters are designed with premium quality synthetic materials that make them exceptional products. 5 year warranty, the Cintropur filters also benefit the health certificate of conformity and therefore suitable for food use and drinking water.

Cintropur water filters and spare parts are fully compatible with WATER REFINERS AGUAPURE

Water filter with filter sleeve Cintropur

Behind the Rolls Royce of water purification hides a little secret: the screen, ingeniously woven Cintropur. In reliability, they are available in different filter fineness: 1 micron, 5 microns, 10 microns, 25 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns for disposable and 150 microns or 300 microns for washable. At competitive prices, they are also very easy to change, which offers the possibility of more resourceful to save on labor.

CINTROPUR with filter sleeves patented

Cintropur functions

It is based on a simple principle. The water enters on one side and its flow is converted into centrifugal effect through the propeller Cintropur which precipitates the heavy particles in the lower bowl. The water then passes through the sieve filtration finalizes retaining the smallest particles in suspension depending on the chosen finesse then, finally emerges from the other side to reach sewage system.

Cintropur is a solution where fouling of the public network comes up ... you!

When work is performed on public waterways, large drops sediment form stones in the boiler, often causing substantial damage. The use of a filter is a wise choice in protecting its equipment. Unless you are in the Alps, filtration of the drinking water is far from being a luxury! The second image shows what looks like a filter removed after 6 months of use in a client at the periphery of the European capital. Better that these sediments remain in the filter rather than in or on our bodies!

Well water with Cintropur filters

Filtration is essential in the well water, provided that the level of iron has been previously solved (≤100mg / L). If the water is still very busy, it is advisable to have progressive levels of filtration (eg first screen filter with a fineness of 150 microns, the 2nd 25 microns and 3rd 5 microns).

Treatment of filtered rainwater Cintropur

As for the treatment of rainwater, the sieve Cintropur filters suitable. An additional carbon filtration will eliminate unpleasant odors and even produce drinking water under certain periodic maintenance conditions. Refer to filter Cintropur NW-TE or TE-CTN strainer removable case designed to contain activated carbon.

Cintropur filter with activated carbon Cintropur

A strainer or removable container easier to maintain but to a lesser capacity, the Cintropur filters use a highly effective special activated carbon for water treatment. Like its cousin sieve, the activated carbon filter is very easy to maintain and at unbeatable prices. Activated charcoal is available Cintropur skin keg 3.4-liter or 4.7-liter Carbolite box.

CINTROPUR with activated carbon system patented

System Cintropur strainer

It differs slightly from the sieve cousin. The water still in one side and out the other after filtration, but its flow does not need to be transformed into a propeller centrifugal effect. The water is naturally filtered through activated carbon under pressure and passes through the strainer located at the bottom of the bell then up through a pipe to the outlet.

Process Cintropur removable container

In this case, the water enters the bell and then enters the container from below in order to leave at the top by the small strainer. Filling is very easily by unscrewing the head of the strainer.

Activated carbon Cintropur

The use of activated carbon filters is one of the most accessible ways to reduce unwanted substances and produce drinking water or refine mains water.

The water from your tap has an unpleasant odor and did not taste very good? Place a Cintropur!

The activated carbon filter is the solution to give you the pleasure of a good water available at all times. A key, substantial savings on your purchase of plastic water bottles added to a reduction of the carbon footprint on the environment.

Extracts from the manufacturer cintropur

WATER. Cintropur® water filters are intended for domestic and industrial water system filtration, as well as rain, spring or well water recovery and treatment. They are also suitable for watering and irrigation.

Cintropur ranges and Cintropur accessories:

  • Residential filters.
  • Industrial filters.
  • Activated carbon
  • Sterilization by UV radiation.
  • Water purifiers.
  • Wearing and tearing components, spare parts.

Cintropur® performs either a mechanical filtration of particles, a chemical filtration through activated carbon absorption, or sterilizes water by ultraviolet radiation of UV-C type. Cintroclear® purifiers filter drinking water without unnecessarily wasting any of the precious resource. Many accessories and spare parts are available from your distributors.

With more than 35 years of experience, CINTROPUR® has based its reputation on quality products in the water filtration business.

The brand name CINTROPUR® refers to a wide range of centrifugal filters for clean water (fittings from ¾’’ to 3’’. Flow rates from 1 to 50 m3/h).

The aim is to remove all the solid particles suspended in the water (earth, sand, rust, etc.).
A second range of products offers water treatment solutions with activated carbon or polyphosphates, silicates and silicon-polyphosphates.

CINTROPUR® offers a double-stage of filtration concept. First, the water flow from the inlet is directly transformed into a centrifugal spin forcing the larger particles down into the lower bowl. The next stage of filtration is achieved by the exclusive filter sleeve, available in different finenesses ranging from 5 up to 300µ.

You will be impressed by the high flow rates and low pressure drops provided by the unique CINTROPUR® concept.
Considering ecological and economical aspects, there is only a filter sleeve that needs to be replaced every 6 months.
Made from a first-class quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR stands out by its robustness and reliability.

Main advantages:

  • centrifugal effect created by spinning,
  • low pressure drop,
  • constantly high flow rate,
  • wide range of finenesses for the sleeves,
  • disposable or washable filter sleeve,
  • ecological and economical filtration method,
  • professional concept

Always anticipating the future by improving its products and technologies, CINTROPUR has completed its product ranges with activated carbon filtration, water purification as well as ultraviolet sterilization. Some other projects are still in progress and some patents are being registered.