Volcalite is volcanic rock

Volcalite is the name given to her by AGUAGREEN aggregate composed of volcanic rocks.

This rock is used in the catalytic filter three water refiner dynamic models:


Where does the volcanic rock Volcalite ?

Volcanic rock of Aguagreen is composed of volcanic rocks of Auvergne, the original name of the town of Pouzzole located 27 km from the Vesuvius. It is dried in an industrial oven, dusted, re-screened and reconditioned aggregates of different sizes according to the use that is intended. Treatment environmentally at all levels:

  • No washing of the material, so no abstraction in groundwater
  • No effluent discharge
  • Without settling pond
  • Low CO2 emissions

Photographic overview of some volcanic rocks:

Different types of volcanic rock

Volcanic rocks consist mainly stones form of silicates. The family of basaltic rocks represents 95% of the crust, which they provide land bases.

Igneous or magmatic rocks from the mantle

There are all volcanic rocks called volcanic rocks, intrusive rocks but born of deep cooling without appearing on the surface of magmatic lifts (plutonic). The granite is part of the latter category.

Sedimentary rocks

They come from the degradation, transport, deposition, of all the surface materials of the lithosphere, followed by a physicochemical transformation which will lead to an agglomeration of the components.

Detrital rocks

Including the rank is sandstone, clays, and chemical rocks from chemical changes in solution (water), or biological processes (living organisms). In the latter category, we found there such as limestone, coal, oils.

Metamorphic rocks

These are all rocks (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic or even already) who underwent a fundamental change and texture due to the increase in pressure and temperature of tectonic movements of the crust or contacts with igneous rocks. Schists, marbles are metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic and sedimentary rocks form the majority of the surface of continents, igneous, by volume, constitute the bases. The volcanic rocks are mainly classified according to the proportion of silica in minerals. This proportion determines its volcanic origin of effusive type.

 The silica content we are interested in water treatment applications varies between 40 and 70%. Pouzzolane we use contains between 42 and 55%. 

Advantages over the use of ecological volcanic rock Volcalite of Aguagreen

All natural volcanic rock, purifies water of most residual sediment organic boosting water, convenient packaging protects the equipment deposits, descaling effect, no pollutant emissions, safety, provides exceptional quality with fractal water, do not consume energy, works on the flow of water, easy storage, 100% recyclable and reusable, low maintenance, biological process and direct participation in a clean planet.