ECO range of softeners Delta Simplex Duplex new generation ecological volumetric PWG group, leader in equipment for the water treatment in Europe marketed by Aguagreen

(Video currently French)-ECO softeners are the most effective solution, the more efficient and economical to remove limestone and magnesium.

What exactly is meant by the names of "new generation" and "ECO"?

This is a device with innovative and reliable technologies that reduce the overall environmental footprint

  • 100% hydraulic operation without electricity
  • Reduced consumption of water / sodium during regeneration
  • No electronic card to program
  • Works only to the call of water
  • Ion exchange resin of incomparable efficiency
  • Modern materials unalterable exceptional resistance
  • Setting a simple and exemplary clarity
  • More compact and flexible than a conventional softener
  • A complete cycle of profits shall be obtained in the treatment of hard water

An independent water softener consumes only 300 grams of sodium and 20 liters of water per regeneration or up to six times less than a conventional softener, it's a revolution!

European manufacture, all devices and parts are covered by a comprehensive warranty and after-sales dynamics. Each unit is tested and checked on the test bench in Belgium or France. They benefit from the Certificate of Sanitary Conformity.

The new generation of water softener range is available in several models:

RANGE ECO 1 Delta Simplex Duplex (up to 2600 liters of softened water per hour)


1500 liters per hour / up to 6 occupants


2600 liters per hour / up to 10 occupants


2600 liters per hour / up to 10 occupants

RANGE ECO 2 Delta Simplex Duplex (up to 4200 liters of softened water per hour)


3000 liters per hour / up to 10 occupants


4200 liters per hour / up to 20 occupants

What does "S" and "D"?

S = Simplex (one body or one generation resin block).
D = Duplex (body 2 or 2 new generation resin blocks) must in some cases.

When to opt for a mandatory softener body double "D" (ECO 1D, 2D and ECO ECO MORAVA)?

When hot water is produced by a plate heat accumulator, a CAP and solar water heater or heat pump water heater. Indeed, these modern systems require that the water hardness is maintained at 8 ° C continuously.

Reche cloth texture rapidly degraded?

Flexible textiles and extended life are waiting for you in addition to significant savings in soap.

Lack of space to install a water softener?

Small, powerful and compact, water softeners ECO are flexible and adaptable in all cramped situation.

Allergies or irritations to the skin and scalp?

ECO water softener has been an effective solution for the reported cases which have multiplied in recent years.

How to choose the proper water softener model?

The composition of your water and its use are essential! Fill out the form here online to get quick answers. Note that below 15°F (°French), soften water is not really essential. In this case, prefer Aguapure refiner that has the advantage of effectively neutralize residual pollution, restore good crystallography fractal, and provide sensory qualities close to a mountain stream. Also note that filtering the water does not remove the limestone in the sense evoked by the softening salt encrusting but neutralizes its properties by changing the form of aragonite.

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