Ecological water refiners Aguapure for economic water treatment by anticorrosion purification.

The refiners Aguapure water system is innovative. However, based on the combination of three proven technologies:

  1. Micro dielectric/galvanic electrolysis (scale buster GALVAC™ ION descaling)

  2. Purification/catalytic stimulation (Agualite, Volcalite, Carbolite)

  3. Micro filtration filter sleeve (up to 1 µm for the model Aguapure K16 and K18)

Their maintenance costs are unbeatable. For example, Aguapure K6: 0.00 euros for 4 years and 39 euros per year from the 5th year (shipping included). Unbeatable !

Aguapure is available in three versions depending on the required flow rate:


For house 1 to 4 people.

Aguapure K6 installation horizontale

Aguapure K6 installé avec retour droit

Aguapure installé avec retour droit vers le bas

Aguapure K10 installation horizontale avec entrée et retour vers le bas

Aguapure k10 installé horizontalement avec retour droit

Aguapure K10 installation verticale


For house 2 to 6 people.

Aguapure K12 installation standard

Aguapure K14 installation verticale

Aguapure K14 installation standard


For house up to 10 people.

Aguapure K14 installation standard

Aguapure K18 installation standard  

The refiner Aguapure is a good choice if...

... Traces of limestone powder is comfortable for you. The hardness of the water does not exceed ± 30 ° F. Hot water is not produced by a plate battery by solar or thermodynamie (these sensitive equipment requires to physically lower the hardness), in this case choose a device from our  Ecological Refiner Range Aguapure .

It all depends on the composition of your water and its use !

Seek advice by completing the form. You will quickly get an answer.

Note: below 15°F (°french), softening water is not essential. However, a natural treatment with Aguapure system effectively neutralizes residual pollution, regenerates a good fractal crystallography and provides organoleptic qualities close to a mountain stream. The natural water softening does not remove the limestone in the sense evoked by the softening salt encrusting but neutralizes its properties by changing the form of aragonite.

Aguapure is modular. Scale buster K-Cationic and water filters can be installed separately without pressure reducer or anti-shock !