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You want to treat your water but you are asking a lot of questions about choosing a filtration apparatus or anti limestone water softener. Some good tips will help you make the right purchase here.

Water kind commonly used for human consumption

The water in some measurement units

Choosing the right treatment of natural or physical-chemical water

About the GALVAC™ ION reactor and equipment Aguapure

About the water softener salt in ECO generation

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Water kind commonly used for human consumption

Public water network
FRANCE and overseas territories. Several sources allow to know its quality level: government website, Invoice, regional or local water company and City Hall. If the hardness is sometimes indicated, it is always better to take the test at home.
Que choisir allows to also check the quality of your tap water in your municipality under 6 contaminants (nitrates, pesticides, coliform bacteria, selenium, aluminum and radioactivity).
Belgium, French-speaking areas. Several sources of information are used to speaking about its quality level: invoice and three websites: La société walonne des eaux, Intercommunale des eaux du centre du Brabant Wallon and Hydrobru (Bruxelles), Hardness is usually blank by Vivaqua.
BELGIUM, Dutch zones (Vlaanderen). Information Flemish Environment website Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij.
GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG. Information on the website of the Administration of water management.
SWITZERLAND. Several sources Trinkwasser, Canton de Vaud

Rainwater / well / lake / ponds / tank
In use human consumption, good filtration upstream of ultraviolet sterilization or ultrafiltration + UV or reverse osmosis will be essential. For other pre-filtration uses enough. If the water has a hardness greater than 15°fH, a softening to reduce the limestone and magnesium is imperative upstream of a UV treatment to maintain sterilization efficiency. Indeed, limestone quickly opaque quartz tube and therefore make the lapsed ultraviolet action. However, it is essential to carry out a water analysis by an accredited independent laboratory in advance of any treatment.

Water source
Better to have an analysis to achieve if not by an approved laboratory. The analysis will tell you if it is safe. A simple carbon filtration will secure.

River water
The analysis is essential to know the level of treatment to develop. These are waters that are polluted with clandestine periodically droppings. Caution.

The water in some measurement units

Acidity of the water of pH or hydrogen potential
The unit of measurement of the acidity is expressed in pH on a scale of 0 to 14. The neutral pH of 7. The pH of a natural water is between 6 and 8. In addition to 7, the water is alkaline. The pH is measured by electric method or by staining.

Water hardness or total hardness = TH or fH
The unit of limestone / °fH Magnesium is in most European countries. 1°fH = 10 mg calcium carbonate per liter of water. For example a joint which water is at 50°fH means 5 kg of lime / magnesium per 100 M³.
IMPACT HARD WATER. Scaling of iron or copper pipes, valves, water heater, pac, solar systems, heat pump water heater, plate heat exchange module..

Nitrates in water or 1 = NO3 nitrogen + 3 oxygen atoms
Present naturally in soils. When the capacity of soil to absorb the surplus is broken by human activities, nitrates tributaries join runoff to infiltrate into the overall groundwater. The maximum allowed is 50 mg / L.
HEALTH IMPACT. Nitrates processed by the body into nitrites mutate hemoglobin to methemoglobin causing loss of oxygen transfer.

Lead in water = Pb
The maximum rate of 10 g / L was set for December 2013. The old lead pipes should be replaced immediately.
HEALTH IMPACT. High Risk of intoxication leading to irreversible illness poisoning. Fetuses, infants and children are the most vulnerable. Exposure during pregnancy can affect fetal development. Lead is also stored in the bones of the mother previously exposed and released into the blood. The infant is then contaminated during the breastfeeding period.
Other bacteriological and chemical parameters:
Refer to the maximum rate permitted in the water analysis. While some levels are exceeded, CONTACT US

Choosing the right treatment of natural or physical-chemical water

It's all about parameters
Origin of water, composition, hardness, annual consumption, number of occupants, hot water systems, pipes, among other matters are decisive in the choice of a suitable system.

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About the GALVAC™ ION reactor and equipment AGUAPURE

The GALVAC™ ION reactor does affect the water pressure and flow?
No, there is no impact. The format of GALVAC™ ION reactor chosen is always higher than the existing rate. A forward pressure drop will mean that the reactor must be replaced.

What is the lifetime of the GALVAC™ ION reactor?
Ten years or more if the water has a stable pH of 7 to 9. Five years if the pH is less than 7 until 5.5. Below, the water would be so corrosive that the cathodic anode is consumed quickly. Aguagreen offers discounted rates to over 50% for the replacement of the reactor.

The GALVAC™ ION reactor soften there water?
Yes, but not in the sense used by packers to salt. Limestone and magnesium are transformed into aragonite (a crystalline form non-adherent and non-aggressive) by solubilization, providing the softening effect known. Aguagreen always torque GALVAC™ ION reactor with a catalyst filtration (Aguapure) to physically complete the softening reduction precipitated carbonates. Indeed, the action of a cationic or ionic reactor installed alone is incomplete.

What about the taste and smell?
Organoleptic water qualities have improved considerably. Unpleasant tastes such as the chlorine is removed by imprisonment in the precipitated solids. This is where our Aguapure catalytic filtration systems!

The GALVAC™ ION reactor he will remove rust in my pipes?
The protection against corrosion is one of the strengths of the reactor. It will stop the oxidation process and gradually eliminate the existing scale-forming rust.

What is the difference from a water softener in sodium?
The GALVAC™ ION reactor works naturally on the pressure of the water without polluting emissions or energy consumption (electricity) and requires no maintenance for another ten years. However, for an extreme case, Aguagreen adopted a new generation of resins softener that meets its criteria for technological innovation in energy and environmental.

Are there any cons-indications to the use of this water treatment process?
I Do Not. Its safety has been demonstrated. This system used against the oxidation of bows in the navy and in the industry for over a century has been successfully adapted by two companies here twenty years for residential applications. R & D Aguagreen developed the power of low-cost system to make it more accessible to the public.

What is the guarantee of the GALVAC™ ION reactor?
10 years for water having a pH of 6 to 8, a conductivity greater than 400 uS/cm and a minimum hardness of 8°fH, which is the case of the water supply. Below, a parametric study of water is performed.

Can you combine the reactor GALVAC™ ION with a water softener in sodium?
In some cases, yes. When there are mixed pipes (metal and PE).

Can we combine Aguapure equipment with a softener sodium?
Some customers have done to ensure optimal pollution control, achieve excellent organoleptic properties and significantly reduce sodium and water consumption during the regeneration of the resins.

About of the Delta duplex simplex ECO WATER SOFTENER new generation

These devices are they not big polluters?
I Do Not. Water softeners are ECO new generation of water softeners using up to six times less salt and water than conventional water softeners!!

How water softeners salt in ECO-they join the ecological category?
They operate on the water pressure from 1.5 bar without power supply or other power electronics and without. The controller of the newly designed valve rinses triggers only on the volume of water actually used. Each regeneration softeners in ECO salt only use 300 grams of table salt and 18 liters of water against 1.7 kg and 72 liters for a conventional softener. 

How to know if the ability of an ECO water softener is sufficient for me?
ECO water softener comes in two basic volumes::

  • Water softener ECO 1S, basic module capable of handling hard water up to 50°fH up to 250 M³.

  • Water softener ECO 1D, basic module capable of handling hard water up to 50°fH max 750 M³.

Here too, water softeners are unbeatable ECO: more modules can be installed in the battery, which is very comfortable for a large apartment building, for example.
ECO water softener salt can receive block of 2.3 kg or pellets according compactness, modularity and useful treatment capacity.

She becomes water salty?
I Do Not. The water softening is made with pure NF dietary sodium to almost 100% free of chloride. The salty taste as table salt is the result of the combination of chloride and sodium.

Is softened water safe to drink?
Yes I Am. The water is not salty soda and unlike false beliefs! Sodium levels still remain well below the maximum level of 200 milligrams per liter. In comparison, the bottled water Badoit contains 150 mg of sodium per liter and that of Vichy Saint-Yorre displays 1700 mg, not questioning their beneficial effects on health.

Is softened water corrosive?
I Do Not. For a water becomes corrosive must be reduced tenfold minimum total dissolved salts without changing the rate of ogynène and hydrogen! Softening not exchange a very small part of dissolved salts, ions of calcium and magnesium against sodium ions without changing the balance.

Is it necessary to install a filter upstream of ECO water softener?
Yes I Am. Renovation and maintenance work is carried out periodically on networks inevitably causing sediment drops. The better the protection of the ECO water softener, the longer it will work fine. This is also the case for most water treatment systems.

What is the warranty?
10 years for resins and 5 years for parts.

ECO water softener should it be maintained?
Yes I Am. Like any treatment devices, annual monitoring is needed to check the hardness of the incoming and outgoing water, the cleanliness of the salt tank, and good volumetric held rinse and drain.
In the event of prolonged absence, you must perform a manual regeneration to remove standing water as well as sewage system.

Should soften water at 15°FH?
I Do Not. It is not necessary except for people who are allergic to calcium and magnesium.

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