Cintropur UV it's a water purification validated by ultraviolet sterilization

After the models Cintropur 1000, 1000 ECO, 2000, 2000 ECO, TiO-UV, TiO-UV ECO and 10000, Airwatec revamps its range and power of new sterilizers water purifiers:

Cintropur UV 2100, Cintropur DUO-UV and Cintropur TRIO-UV.

To recap on the usefulness of the ultraviolet water treatment, UV radiation (uvc) at 253.7 Nm is part of artificially propagated solar radiation but more intense intensity. Proven technology for disinfection, UV radiation neutralizes DNA reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, while respecting the environment. This method is ideal for making drinking water according to the settings in effect scientifically.

The three new models are based on the architecture of the range of water filters Cintropur domestic category, namely the model NW 25.

Cintropur UV-EN is the new water sterilizers range manufactured by CINTROPUR

The advantages of the new models Cintropur uv:

  • More compact than any other UV

  • With integrated flow limiter guarantees optimal treatment

  • Equipped with a handy chart maintenance monitoring

  • Quality of selected components

  • Professional finish

  • Treatment effectiveness biodosimetry test in support

  • Range of devices covering 1 to 10 M³ / H

  • Economic or any equipment options to choose

  • Possibility of combining UV + filtration and activated carbon.

New models of operating convenience Cintropur UV-2100 UV DUO and TRIO-UV:

  • When working on the device for changing the lamp, a rotation of 5° UV enough to remove and change the UV lamp.

Particulate filtration prior to the ultraviolet radiation of UV Cintropur:

  • Always advisable that UV radiation is optimal and not disturbed by suspended particles.

Positioning Cintropur UV filter:

  • The UV radiation filter must always be last in the chain of water treatment devices.


Operating your UV sterilizer will remain effective over time if the lamp change is made annually. After one year of use, keep the lamp of blue radiation is no longer a good indicator of your operating UV sterilizer.