Airwatec is the short name from AIR and WAter TEChnologies


Founded in 1950 and became Airwatec in 2002, the company stands out in three business areas from its Research & Development:

Air treatment by Airwatec

Airwatec Viledon distributes products of the German company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies on the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Airwatec also globally markets some air filtration products of its own such as AWT frames, the filter for large Airwabox concentration or "private label" filters for OEM.

Water treatment by Airwatec

Since the 1980s, Airwatec has been manufacturing and marketing domestic and industrial water filters, known worldwide as CINTROPUR. CINTROPUR UV water purifiers and accessories complete the ranges.

Technology by Airwatec

Airwatec also develops specific air filtration products and water in close collaboration with its engineering service since 1986 conducts industrial plants air filtration and custom ventilation.

Research & Development Airwatec

The R & D department Airwatec has extensive experience in product development. Airwatec adapts recheches and special developments for other companies, and ensures manufacturing.

Aguagreen is based on the quality of water filters Cintropur of Airwatec and technological expertise

Cintropur water filters are primarily for domestic and industrial filtration system water recovery and treatment of rain water, spring water or drilling. They are suitable for watering and irrigation. Cintropur made either mechanical filtration of particles, or chemical filtration by adsorption with activated charcoal, a sterilization of the water by ultraviolet radiation of the type UV-C.
The equipment Cintroclear filter and purify water intended for consumption without unnecessary waste of water and no release emissions.
Many accessories of Cintropur and Cintropur UV spare parts are available from most distributors.

Airwatec, Viledon, Airwabox, AWT, Cintropur and Cintropur UV are registered trademarks.