Aguagreen webshop became specialized in the sale of equipment in the water treatment

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Founded in 2009 by private investors, Aguagreen was originally a British company specializing in research and development in the natural treatment of water for domestic, institutional and industrial.

Seduced by a Belgian concept in blue ball machine, the company has developed a business platform to sell it. The product was discontinued in 2010 due to strong increases in its components and the maintenance costs become too high in relation to its performance.

Today, all customers have advantageously replaced their old appliance blue ball from one of our facilities that were offered at half price:

Aguapure range (purifiers descaling),

The range K-Cationic (anti corrosion descaling reactors) replaced today by new reactors GALVAC ION™REACTOR,

Dynamik range (energisers purifying filters fused Aguapure).


Since the beginning of the Airwatec products, our partner, are part of our development:

UV Cintropur range (purifiers),

Cintroclear range (ultrafilters),

Cintropur range (liquid filters).

Aguagreen chose complete concept Aguapure by the filtration media of Cintropur Airwatec for their reliability.

Today Puricom Europe joined the Aguagreen webshop to complete the development of Internet sales:

FT Line range (water filters, ultrafilters, purifiers, limescale),

FilterMax Disk (specific filter for drilling water),

Columbia 700 range (distributors filtered and purified water),

Proline Plus (water purifiers reverse osmosis with and without pump),

Watermark (water softeners).

Soon, several other lines Puricom increasingly mainstream platform webshop.


The new reactors GALVANIC™ION REACTOR are manufactured, assembled and tested in Europe. All equipment and Cintropur items are packaged and distributed by manufacturers to be taken to the shipping locations.


In 2013, Aguagreen adopted a new generation of softener resin that meets its criteria for technological innovation in energy and environmental: the Delta simplex duplex ECO (Ecological volumetric softeners new generation) and other ranges (water fountains , ultrafilters, drilling water softeners) for high reliability.

Symbol of the Aguagreen technical innovation


Effect of water treated by Aguagreen on the family: fantastic! 
Effect of water treated by Aguagreen on the family: fantastic! Success since 10 years.

2011 saw the day of the new web shop implemented by an outsourced e-commerce solution.

IT migration

Since October 2014, the E-shop has migrated to a new platform, in this case the famous Prestashop solution.


Packages are shipped via DPD-Chronopost Colissimo or mail from three regional logistics centers spread (France, Belgium, Spain) according to the ordered product and destination. 


Since 2009, all the facilities that were installed are operating successfully. So far no cases of service has been indexed, demonstrating the seriousness of the company.

Symbol of the Aguagreen warranty in the online store   Symbol of the customer satisfaction in the Aguagreen online store


Aguagreen is asked and solid organization, oriented towards sustainable development in specific environmental added value.

Environmentally symbol in the Aguagreen online store   Ecological symbol of Galvac Ion reactor system in the Aguagreen onlone store

Buying a Aguagreen equipment is a strong gesture has a direct impact on several levels:


  • Physicochemical performance
  • No electromagnetism
  • Filtration of residual pollution
  • Fractal excellent crystallinity
  • Anti-corrosion treatment


  • Flavor near a mountain stream
  • Dynamic water limescale
  • Easy maintenance
  • Protection of all housing


  • Without electricity or electronic operation
  • Reduced frequency of maintenance
  • Reduction of water purchased in bottles


  • Direct participation in a clean planet
    "The good environmental sense is a matter of survival biotope"

Sustainable Development

  • All the components of equipment are European origin
  • Their manufacture and their joints are distributed in France, Belgium, Spain and Germany

Today in Aguagreen


Now accessible. They are effective in softening water at incredibly low running costs with respect for environmental criteria.

Estimate request and free advice from Aguagreen

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It facilitates any request for advice or estimate in the water treatment.
Use it without hesitation, it's free!

It is with pride that we invite you to visit our fabulous facilities.

Photo co-founder Aguagreen D. Mathy,
2 avenue du Maréchal Foch
59680 Ferrière-la-Grande , France
26 years experience in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Active in the treatment of water for 10 years. Formerly Associate Director in Aguagreen LTD, originally a British company in Research and Development.