Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis Basic 5 steps with or without pump manufactured by and sold by Nextfilt Aguagreen

Water purifier quality reverse osmosis RO Basic 5 with or without pump and certified to NSF compliance, Aqua Europa, Aqua Espana, Water Quality Association and CE.

Generally under-sink water purifier reverse osmosis Basic 5s improves the organoleptic qualities of water by more than 95% reduction of total dissolved solids such as lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, selenium, residual drug, and by removal to 99% of bacteria and organic chemical substances such as chloroform, DBCP, trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene , chlorine, carbon tetrachloride.

Maintenance of reverse osmosis Basic 5 is to replace the filter cartridge and membrane Vontron as often as the rate of fouling requires. The installation guide documents the inspection and maintenance procedures.

Technical informations REVERSE OSMOSIS

FILTER MODULE (without tank)

  • Height: 520 mm
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Depth with wall mounting: 150 mm
  • Curb Weight:
  • Basic 5s: 7 kg
  • Basic 5p: 9 kg
  • Filled Weight:
  • Basic 5s: 9 ​​kg
  • Basic 5p: 12-15 kg


  • Tank height: 400 mm
  • Diameter: 255 mm
  • Tank Capacity in purified water: 6 liters
  • Curb Weight: 4 kg
  • Filled Weight: 11 kg


  • Consider the dimensions of the filtration module and the reservoir


  • Connection to entry: DN8 (1/4")
  • Fitting the output: DN10 (3/8")


  • Membrane 50 GPD
  • Sediment prefilter 5 µm
  • Compressed activated carbon pre-filter GAC + CTO
  • Bowls with O-ring


  • Ceramic valve disc


  • 110 liters per day


  • R3Kg / cm²

ELECTRICITY (RO Basic 5p with pump)

  • Transformer connected to network voltage 220 V - 50 Hz

What is the difference between osmosis Basic 5s and 5p Basic model?

Basic 5p model is equipped with an integrated pump unlike this model. However, the purified water volume produces the reverse osmosis Basic 5s and 5p Basic is the same.

Advantages of reverse osmosis Basic 5

  • Works without chemicals or electricity
  • Filtration module delivered assembled
  • Tested and sterilized at 100% factory
  • Flexible Installation

Quality reverse osmosis Basic 5

Water purifiers reverse osmosis Basic 5 are assembled and tested in Europe.