The UV germicidal treatment by Cintropur ensures good water sterilization if and only if the treated water was previously filtered so that it is clear and if it is not too much loaded with calcium and magnesium as most of the drilling water. A fundamental rule occurs before any water treatment: know its composition.

REMINDER: any water that is treated by UV lamp must be clean, clear and soft (maximum up to 15 ° F TH).

Why? The UV lamp is accommodated in a quartz material sheath. This sheath absorbs ultraviolet radiation (UVC) to spread evenly and deep into the water flowing. Water which is too laden with impurities or sediment and which is too hard or rub off the sheath quartz fouling, thereby significantly reducing the effectiveness of UV or annihilate.


Here are our tips for any water treatment strategy UV sterilization

  1. The UV lamp must be from a manufacturer that effective control by bio-dosimetry test certified to European standards CE and ACS validated by an accredited independent laboratory EC (Health Conformity Attestation).

    Cintropur bio-densitometry test agregated

  2. The electrical socket, power cable and the electrical socket must be of the highest quality, always certified to CE standards.

  3. The quartz tube (or tube) covering the UV lamp is from the manufacturer of the UV lamp and manufactured to the same technical and health conditions.

  4. The filter supports the UV lamp and quartz sleeve will be perfectly hidden and sealed. The bell and seals resist permanent heat emitted by the UV lamp. The experiment confirmed a robust liquid filter manufacturer is also very important.

  5. Knowing that the warranty and certifications must be European, choosing a solid and experienced European manufacturer is unavoidable. Important if a failure came after purchase. Note that products imported from outside the EU have a very random reliability!

  6. Having opted for a European brand, choose a European local distributor or a European webshop hosted in Europe is a European company identified in a European country and secure HTTPS as is the webshop Aguagreen. Indeed, the distributor is responsible for the sale of equipment in the water treatment as well as the manufacturer.

How to know if the water is ready to be processed by UV (ultraviolet C)?

 Do make a physicochemical water analysis by an accredited independent laboratory. 

Drilling water

Most drilling water are abundantly loaded inorganic particles and various salts. Before UV treatment, it is important to know the amount of bacteria it contains, including aerobic bacteria at 22°C and 36°C, sulphite-reducing bacteria and coliform bacteria and spores, to choose the right power of the UV lamp and according to the desired water flow.
A good pre-filtration upstream treatment devices will still apply. The water softening is essential if its hardness exceeds 15°F.
Order of processing equipment: pre-filtration - softening - Filtration - UV treatment.
If the iron level is high, it will go through a special system which consists of iron removal flocculate the oxidation of iron ions in order to filter them.
If the rate of various heavy metals exceeds the norm, the water remains undrinkable unless you go through a semi-industrial reverse osmosis system.

Rainwater collected and stored

If rainwater is collected and stored properly, simple filtration will do. TDS control and pH control (acidity) will validate its passage through a UV treatment. Then the implementation of the installation of UV treatment device will be a breeze. Beware pH must be as close to 7!

River water, lake water or pond water

A method of controlling the same drilling water. More attention will be paid to possible chemical pollution.

Mountain spring water

Do not succumb to the false belief that says all water sources are drinking! This is totally false. It is appropriate to proceed with its complete physicochemical analysis in the same way that the well water, river water, the lake water, etc. Today, after one century of industrialization and intensive agriculture, all waters are not likely to be completely intact.
If the source water is pure to the analysis, method of fetching and its delivery are important because as soon as the water comes from its natural nest, she is exposed to all sorts, microbial or chemical contaminants.
That is why we always recommend a very fine filtration and UV treatment on arrival in piped into the house.

Cintropur water purification by Uv treatment for all use

For water use outside the public network, consult a specialist in water treatment

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