Refiner Aguapure water

It purifies and energizes the water naturally filtered in the Agualite (rock crystal zeolite) or Volcalite (volcanic rock), activated carbon, and a filter sleeve of 5 microns.
Refining ends with micro galvanic electrolysis in the GALVAC™ ION scale buster that converts the calcium in the form of aragonite.
The water refiner Aguapure dramatically improves the organoleptic qualities of the water and reduces the encrusting properties of scaling. It does not eliminate the limestone in the sense evoked by the water softener salt Delta Simplex Duplex ECO. This means that white marks will always be present, but more powdery.

Conditions to be satisfied with a water refiner Aguapure

  • The hardness of the water does not exceed 28°F (35°F sometimes depending on the type of water)
  • The white marks do not bother you
  • Boiler and water heater bear the residual limestone
  • Crystallographic quality beverage

Is not suitable if one has:

  • a boiler with micro-accumulator (plate heat exchange module)
  • a thermodynamic water heater,
  • a mixed solar heating (thermal) heat accumulator,
  • a PAC.

Water softener Delta Simplex Duplex ECO

New generation of sodium water softener, he revolutionized this type of device is often decried by environmentalists due. However, Aguagreen adopted it for its eco-technical innovation: up to 2 to 5 times less salt and water used during regeneration, volumetric demand (no electricity and that softens when calling from water), a synthetic body completely recyclable, manufactured and assembled in Europe (real sustainable development) and exceptional quality in both its reliable accuracy in robustness. In short it is long overdue that one! When the industry wants, the result can be followed ... in the interest of the environment and sustainable development without falling into the mercantillisme.

Conditions to be satisfied with a water softener Aguagreen ECO

  • Disappearance of white marks
  • Removal of limestone which damages the equipment (boiler, water heater and faucets, etc.)
  • More flexible clothing
  • Softer water in the shower
  • Deleting irritation limestone on the skin and scalp

Is not suitable if one has:

  • allergies sodium,
  • ban drinking soda water,
  • equipment noble natural materials (stone, copper, exotic wood, soft chrome, etc).

  Conclusion: everything is not black or white but constant gray. We will say here ... green gray! 

Photo co-founder Aguagreen D. Mathy,
2 avenue du Maréchal Foch
59680 Ferrière-la-Grande , Haut-de-France , France