The centrifugal propeller of the Cintropur NW18, NW25 and NW32 water filters that encloses the filter sleeve (sieve) is cracked or broken.

The centrifugal propeller and cover that enclose the filter cuff on the cuff holder to hold it are the 2 most sensitive parts at a low water pH (less than 7). The pulling of the strapping causes a weakness at the point of joining which finally broken. Airwatec is studying a new process that combines ecology and efficiency to replace the current plastic material.

Indeed, the staples are a very solid repair, however they will oxidize quickly in contact with water and break.

Thanks to this Do-it-Youself system you will have the time to order a new centrifugal propeller (REF 002), follow it directly in the new Cintropur SHOP online store.
Simply staple both ends, two to three staples, and you're done! Make it easy by choosing a narrower stapler with small staples.

Should we repair and replace the damaged Cintropur centrifugal propeller?

The answer is yes. The function of the filter sleeve (also called sieve or sleeve or sock) is to filter the water completely without leakage. If the workpiece continues to crack and break, the centrifugal propeller can dislodge, resulting in more than 50% defective filtration. In some cases severe turbidity and high sediment levels would inevitably foul all facilities. So, no hesitation, this trick is greatly beneficial.

And for the Cintropur lid that could have the split edge also?

Try the stapling as for the centrifugal propeller, it works in most cases and order without delay the piece (REF 006), follow it directly in the new Cintropur SHOP online store

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