If the device is expensive and its economic and environmental performance are real, the thermodynamic water heater suffers from hard water. Many customers complain and I can only advise them to physically reduce water hardness up to 8°F. Beyond this rate of limestone scaling sure. To stay in the economic and environmental concept, water softener Delta ECO is the largest eco-technical progress of the past 10 years. Indeed, this type of softener consumes 2-5 times less than a conventional apparatus without electrical supply. The experience I have in this range of next generation volumetric softeners is particularly convincing: easy installation (the biggest job is plumbing the water supply!), And adjustment ultra simple service .

  In short, a follower of ecology as me, I can only congratulate the Delta Engineering engineers. When water is incurably lasts beyond 25°F, I am very pleased to offer this type of revolutionary softener.

Range ECO Delta duplex simplex

Photo co-founder Aguagreen D. Mathy,
2 avenue du Maréchal Foch
59680 Ferrière-la-Grande , Haut-de-France , France