Stay in good health with Hydron

 Where does hydrogenated water come from? It is clean water (mineral water or purified water) that has been naturally fractured by Hydron electrolysis to increase the hydrogen content. This type of water is best absorbed by the human body and therefore has an exceptional level of hydration. All scientific studies have demonstrated the medical effectiveness of a perfectly hydrated body. Aguagreen explains here how to get a hydrogenated water generator and why it is an evolutionary revolution 

Video presentation on oxidizing free radicals and the antioxidant action of hydrogenated water to effectively counteract their effects. We thank Puricom Europe for this didactic animation in support of the official distribution by Aguagreen of the fabulous hydrogenated water generator HYDRON.
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Scientific evidence of hydrogenated liquids that are experimented on subjects suffering from various conditions

If drinking seems to be obvious to the human body that is composed of 65% water (46 liters of water for an adult of 70 kg), this is the biggest source of health concerns. The nature and quality of the drinking water will determine the level of hydration. The purity of this water to be hydrogenated will determine the antioxidant power. Published studies demonstrate the importance of hydrogenated solutions. Published scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of hydrogenated solutions administered to various human and animal subjects suffering from various conditions. 
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