Video presentation of water filters Cintropur domestic range by Aguagreen © 2015. Choose water filters Cintropur of the brand is to shelter any filter rupture causing a flood of water during the absence.

 Blind-person: this video presents a soft image show with background music water filter types of domestic Cintropur range distributed by Aguagreen. NW18, NW25, NW25 TE, NW25 TE-CTN, NW25 DUO, NW25 DUO-CTN, TIO, NW32 and NW32 TE. CTN means container, small box with a lid that screws strainer on the case after being filled with active carbon and, when closed, fits into the filter head. TE identifies the sieve tube that is placed centered in the filter bowl. TE-CTN is the name attributed solely to Cintropur NW25 filter which receives the container to differentiate the Cintropur NW25 TE filter to it with a strainer tube.

Lexicon: sieve tube is a module for torn cone filter in the bottom of the bowl.

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