What changes with the new Ft-Line cartridges ?

  • The head of the Ft-Line cartridge has been changed

Addition of a second O-ring to reinforce the seal. Indeed, it is an improvement to consolidate the exclusive system of bayonet patented by Puricom, a system which allows to insert the cartridge by screwing in a quarter turn.

  • The height of the Ft-Line cartridge has been changed

In order to adapt to the standard dimensions of the kitchen furniture, the height has been slightly reduced. This change does not affect the performance of the cartridges.

  • What about the compatibility of new Ft-Line cartridges with older FT Line filter models ?

These new Ft-Line cartridges are fully compatible with the filter heads of all the older models: Ft Line 1, Ft Line 2, Ft Line 3, Ft Line PRE, Ft Line VE and Ft Line BASIC.

 You can therefore buy with your eyes closed these new Ft-Line 100% compatible cartridges old and new models of the range of filters FTLine ! 

In case of hesitation on the choice of the cartridge, in particular its function of filtration, purification, mineralization, demineralization or regulation of pH, contact us via the form.