FT-Line water purification cartridges

 It's time to replace the filter cartridge or water purifier with your FT Line 1, FT Line 2, FT Line 3, FT Line PRE, FT Line VE or FT Line BASIC filters. If you were satisfied with the result, order the same cartridge by their number. If the water quality has worsened in the meantime and the initial cartridges are no longer sufficient, you can opt for cartridges with a higher level of filtration or purification. 

Video that quickly presents the number of FT-Line cartridges available and their specificity. All of these cartridges are fully compatible on all models in the FT Line range of water filters and purifiers. The head of the cartridges is equipped with the bayonet system specially designed for a simple and fast replacement.
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New head Ft-Line cartridge with double O-ring totally compatible with all old models

As you may have noticed, the head of the Ft-Line cartridges was modified by the addition of an O-ring. From now on, two O-rings reinforce the sealing of the bayonet coupling system by rapid screwing. The height of the cartridges has also changed for more compactness that adapts to the standard dimensions of kitchen furniture.
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