The FT-LINE range for purifying water to be drunk in the kitchen by filtration or ultrafiltration with or without membranes is one of the best in the market in quality and price. 

Choose from the FT Line range of water purifiers by filtration and purification of water by active filtration:

  1. FT Line 1 Basic and FT Line 1 complete.
    The FT Line 1 Basic is equipped as standard with FT-Line 88 activated carbon with silver / bacteriostatic. Reduces heavy metals and chemical residues (lead, chlorine, ...). Eliminates most unpleasant odors and tastes.
    The complete FT Line 1 model is equipped with a faucet, mini-valve and fittings for independent addition to the sink.

    FT Line 1 Basic without faucet  FT Line 1 complete with faucet

  2. FT Line 2 Basic and FT Line 2 complete.
    The FT Line 2 Basic is equipped as standard with a FT-Line 82 cartridge 5 micron to filter sediment and a second cartridge FT-Line 88 activated carbon-silver bacteriostatic to reduce toxic residues and improve Organoleptic qualities (smell and taste).
    The complete FT Line 2 model also contains a tap, a mini-valve and fittings to create an independent addition to the kitchen sink.

    FT Line 2 Basic without faucetFT Line 2 complete with faucet

  3. FT Line 3 Basic and FT Line 3 complete.
    The FT Line 3 Basic is equipped as standard with a FT-Line 82 5 micron cartridge for sediment filtering, a second cartridge FT-Line 83 granulated activated carbon to improve the bacteriological and organoleptic qualities (odor and Taste) and a third ultrafiltration cartridge FT-Line 91 with membrane to increase the purification up to 0.03 μm allowing to secure water against residual bacteria and viruses.
    The complete FT Line 3 model also contains a faucet, mini-valve and fittings for independent addition to the kitchen sink.

    FT Line 3 Basic without faucetFT Line 3 complete with faucet

  4. FT Line PRE filter. 
    The FT PRE filter is equipped as standard with the wall mount, connection accessories, a FT-Line 82 cartridge 5 micron for sediment filtering, and a FT-Line 83 granulated activated carbon cartridge that improves Bacteriological and organoleptic quality (odor and taste) of water.

    FT Line PRE filter without faucetTube and set of metric fitting for FT Line

  5. FT Line VE filter. 
    The Ft Line VE is equipped with a 5 micron cartridge of pre-filtration and a cartridge composed of activated carbon silver crystals of polyphosphates to purify and soften the water. Often used in HO.RE.CA.

    Ft Line VE duo filterTube and set of metric fitting for FT Line

  6. FT Line MONO basic filters.
    Choice of mono filter to select a simple and precise water treatment type in one pass among the models FT Line 82, FT Line 83, FT Line 84, FT Line 85, FT Line 86, FT Line 87 REM, FT Line 88, FT Line 89 MIX, FT Line 90, FT Line 91, FT Line 92.

    FT Line mono filter 82FT Line mono filter 83FT Line mono filter 85FT Line mono filter 86FT Line mono filter 87 REMFT Line mono filter 89 MIXFT Line mono filter 90FT Line mono filter 91FT Line mono filter 92Tube and set of metric fitting for FT Line

All our FT Line packages contain a tube and a set of basic metric fittings so that they are not blocked in the deck connections to a hose or a sanitary faucet (Schell type).

If you have difficulty choosing the type of filter or FT Line water purifier that is appropriate for your situation, contact Aguagreen via its form. You will get prompt advice.

 Caution: When you purchase a single tap or 3-way mixer tap separately, you must request a metric fitting from your valve supplier. Indeed, the threaded central tube is not a standard format nor ordinary thread for an adapter with quick connection on 3/8 "or 1/4" tube. This is essential for plugging in a FT Line water filter or purifier!  

FT Line cartridges have been designed to provide many versatile solutions to water quality problems.

FT Line cartridges are manufactured to the highest quality standards

The Ft Line cartridge range is manufactured using the highest quality standards. They are simple and versatile systems, which can be used as complete solutions or to complete other treatments.