Instructions and guidance Aguagreen © 2015. Aguagreen method to comfortably perform the installation of a filter sleeve on the support of water filters Cintropur series nw 18 nw 25 nw 32, tio, you, ctn, ctn te-duo and duo -ctn.

 Blind person: Video Aguagreen views a procedure to change the filter sleeve in Cintropur models nw nw 18 25 25 nw you, nw 25 ctn you, nw 25 duo nw 25 ctn duo tio, nw 32 nw 32 te duo-uv, uv-trio tio-UV.
1. Wash hands. 2. Wet the filter sleeve. 3. The finer edge of the door end of the sleeve is designed to cover. 4. The wide edge of the sleeve holder receives the propeller. 5. Embed the wet sleeve on the sleeve and center door. 6. Fold the cuff inside the mouthpiece side support thin border first. 7. Encase the lid on the tip with the folded sleeve. 8. Next, fold the sleeve within the support side tip wide border. 9. Install the propeller slightly emboitant. 10. Pull the edges of the sleeve tucked inside of the support for the tender. 11. Press firmly on the propeller so that it fully seated. 12. The support sleeve dress is ready to be fitted into the head of Cintropur filter.

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