Filter sleeves Cintropur

 It is not always easy to choose the right headline to clarify water impurities. Must still be able to assess the extent of contamination of water filter you want...

 The time has come to replace the filter headline Cintropur filter. How this interview apparently banal but can be difficult the first time? Written, illustrated instructions on the leaflet Cintropur are insufficient. 

How to choose the level of filtration Cintropur brand of filter sleeve?

The filter sleeve or commonly called "sieve" is a synthetic fabric interwoven with great technical precision. It is from this approach that the mesh size is adjusted to achieve the level of filtration. The more the mesh is tightened the more it will retain impurities, if the water is too dirty, the sieve will be more quickly clogged.  
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This video traces the steps to comfortably perform the installation of a filter sleeve Cintropur filter. Water filters are concerned Cintropur brand household category type nw 18 nw 25 nw 32, tio, te, te-ctn, duo, duo-ctn, duo and trio-uv-uv. The model Cintropur tio-UV is also concerned because it is equipped with the same support.
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