 The building is managed by a syndicate of owners. Knowing that this type of association is not always easy to manage, Aguagreen benefited from a decision that was taken fairly quickly 

Partisan water treatment lasts as naturally as possible since 2009

Aguagreen adopted a range of eco-environmental softeners technical merit to deal with these limestone increases furring: Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario. Water softeners resins and sodium new non-electric generation.

The installation of the equipment was relatively simple

Some plumbing adaptation work are usually required: disconnection, adding connectors to receive flexible, sometimes with an additional valve, adapting the drip tray for disposal of regenerations and voila!

No need electricity

The unit Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario works without electrical energy input or by using a transformer and an electronic map. Imagine the delight of savings and lack of power outages causing concern malfunctions.

An innovative technique eco design unit

Regenerations using up to four times less water and sodium a conventional softener. It is the only device that combines volumetric economic power, reliability and precise but simple settings

The quality of the water softener Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario is exceptional

Made of plastic, the latest innovation in recyclable synthetic resin that meets many environmental and sustainable development criteriaECO 2D equipment is fullymanufactured and assembled in Belgium and France.

ing the ECO 2D softener is very simple

Equipped with an Allen key, the setting is done in a flash on two wheels: entrance hardness and outgoing hardness. Really easy!

The size of the water softener Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario

Reduced size and compactness are waiting for you. Modularity also when the required location, and still without the need for electricity, Delta 2D Duplex ECO Ontario works entirely mechanically on the water pressure. Power failure? No worries! Cut water? No worries!

  Install a water softener resins and sodium generation Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario is much easier than you think 

pose du 2ème Delta Duplex ECO 2D Ontario de nouvelle génération non électrique Aguagreen