Delta ECO installation

    Reporting on installed water softeners Delta simplex and duplex ECO Aguagreen

Water softeners eco revolutionary techniques! ECO 1S is the result of the research and development of the Belgian manufacturer DWE. It is the most important revolution in the treatment of softened water. The unit operates without electricity, based on volumetric control. The ECO 1S Delta simplex softener is more environmentally friendly using less salt and water. It is smaller than any other conventional softener, but it works better and offers better results. This type of ecotechnical innovation is good for the environment. A device with such high performance is welcome.
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Recent installation of two water softeners Delta ECO 2D Duplex Ontario

Alert high water hardness rating! 43°F in Brussels, capital of Europe in a renovated apartment building near the Rogier International Centre and the famous Rue Neuve. The increase of limestone in the public network water boilers havoc with micro battery, the coil water heaters, electric hot water tanks, thermodynamic water heaters, coffee machines, coffee machines, the fittings, solar water heaters, etc. The cost of damage caused by tartar allourdissait periodically. Therefore, what is more normal to act without delay. Fortunately the old galvanized iron pipes were replaced ...
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