Customer Testimonials Aguagreen

   Testimonials from customers who have bought a water treatment device or product in Aguagreen, water softener, water refiner, water purifier, accessories and consumables.

Reviews and written comments that were posted by customers Aguagreen

All reviews and comments that have been posted by Aguagreen customers were confined to one page for ease of access and reading the product pages. They are all authentic. These customers can be reached via their email. Simply enroll in the webshop and make a request for agreement according to the law on respect for privacy.
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Spontaneous video testimony from an Aguagreen customer in Tubize (Tubeke), Belgium, who bought a water softener Delta Duplex ECO 1D and installed wall-mounted version. The people of the region can contact him and see the facility. The request must be made via the contact form Aguagreen of which will transmit after verification. 
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