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Faucet-mixer tap 3-ways chrome FORUM MF adding cold purified water to the kitchen faucet. Metal free: purified water more acidic (pH ≤7) passes through a synthetic pipe not carry metal particles. Beautiful chrome design. Good for coupling with a water purifier under sink in the kitchen, RO osmosis, ultrafilter or filter. Comfortable to use every day through its three connections on a single mixer tap, it replaces the kitchen faucet. Free delivery, code: go-forum-mf. 2 years warranty.

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SpecificityFaucet-mixer tap 3-ways
Warranty2 years
Valve typeNoryl Ceramic original made of GE ULTEM-CERAMIC and SHANKGE
Minimum operating pressure1 bar (14.5 psi)
Weight3 kg
Accessories3 flexibles for connection of hot , cold and filtered water line with 1/16" female connections

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Advantages of the faucet-mixer tap 3-ways FORUM

The mention MF of the faucet-mixer tap 3 ways FORUM means "Metal Free"

Avantages du robinet mitigeur FORUM MF chrome

The mention"MF" of the faucet-mixer tap 3-ways FORUM means "Metal Free"

The faucet-mixer tap 3-ways FORUM is the culmination of a thoughtful and intelligent design

1. Jet of the separate purified water from the hot water jet / cold water

Le robinet mitigeur 3 voies FORUM est équipé d'un aérateur

The 3-ways faucet FORUM is equipped with 2 anti-splash aerators which separate hot and cold purified water.

2. Metallic anti-contamination by synthetic insulation pipe

L'eau purifiée est protégé contre les contaminations métalliques

Whole tap incorporates a plastic coating NSF certified to prevent contamination of the water through the metal (nickel, cadmium).
The treated water will never be in contact with the metal tap thus maintaining its high purity.

3. Robust and precision mechanism certified NSF

Robust and high quality faucet,manufactured to the highest standards of quality and control. According to NSF standards.

4. Valve with ceramic cylinder high quality Noryl

Le robinet mitigeur 3 voies FORUM est équipé d'un cylindre céramique Noryl

Highly reliable ceramic valve, made of GE ULTEM-CERAMIC and SHANKGE Noryl. Its manufacturing system guarantees a long life and comfortable use of the tap.

The tap 3-ways FORUM MF is equipped with connection accessories and is very easy to install

Accessories connections

Comes standard with 3 flexibles of connection, female fittings 3/8 "for connection to the three water inlets: cold water, hot water and purified water via a water purifier in kitchen sink kind osmosis RO, ultrafilter or filter.

Important note on the water pressure in service

The 3-ways faucet FORUM MF uses high-speed valves and therefore is not suitable for some low pressure gravity feed systems.

The 3-ways faucet FORUM MF chrome is also a mixer tap

Mixer means that the ceramic cylinder of valve allows to perfectly control the flow of hot or cold water purified and accuracy simply by rotating movement of the joystick.

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purchased  By (Bursa, Turkey) on  17 Sept. 2019 (Faucet-mixer tap 3-ways FORUM MF chrome) :

Excellent product

Excellent product that is followed.