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    Aguagreen is a designer and manufacturer of anticorrosion limescale reactor GALVAC ION, assembler designer range of ecological water refiners Aguapure that is compatible with water filters Cintropur.

    Several ranges of specific equipment are available to treat hard water, rain, drilling, river or wells. Water filters Cintropur. Sterilizers water UV Cintropur. Ultrafilters Cintroclear and Ft Line. Reverse Osmosis Proline Plus. Water Dispensers Columbia. Water softeners ECO Delta simplex duplex and Watermark.

    Certified and guaranteed products. Competitive prices. Many references.

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  • The water softeners and the water filters Aguagreen purifies your water efficiently with sanitary safety

    Purify water with our filters and water softeners

    Aguagreen distributes water filters and softeners from European partners or from its manufacture. 

    His commitment is to advise you the water treatment equipments that are in perfect harmony with your needs: pure water or fresh water, or both. Beyond the words, Aguagreen provides customer references attesting to his professionalism. 

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  • FT Line is a range of high-performance ultrafiltration water purifiers

    FT Line purification of water by ultrafiltration with and without membrane 

    Published by Aguagreen

    FT Line is a range of high-performance ultrafiltration water purifiers that protects us from residual pollution chemical or pathogenic origin. The FT Line devices typically connect underneath the kitchen sink. They are guaranteed for 2 years and are certified ACS (France). Cartridge prefiltration 5 μm that holds materials/sludge suspension. Cartridge with active carbon to reduce heavy metals and residual chemicals. Unpleasant tastes and odors are also eliminated. Cartridge ultrafiltration consists of membrane up to 0.03 microns to remove 99.99% bacteria and viruses.

    Cartridge Ft Line 82 PP: 8.6 bar max. / Prefiltration 5 µm / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 3.7 L minute / Service life 11,340 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 83: 8.6 bar max. / GAC Activated carbon / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1.9 L minute / Service life 7,560 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 85: 8.6 bar max. / Cations resin / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 0.5 L minute / Service life 600 L 10°HF.

    Cartridge Ft Line 86: 8.6 bar max. / Activated carbon NSF / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1.9 L minute / Service life 5,670 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 87 REM: 8.6 bar max. / pH regulating, remineralizer / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1 L minute / Service life 10,000 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 88: 8.6 bar max. / Silver activated carbon / Bacteriostatic / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1 L minute / Service life 10,000 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 89 MIX: 8.6 bar max. / Mixed bed resin for demineralization / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 0.5 L minute / Service life 2,000 L.

    Cartridge Ft Line 90: 8.6 bar max. / GAC silico polyphosphates / anti-scale / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1 L minute / Service life 10,000 L 1 year.

    Cartridge Ft Line 91: 4 bar max. / Ultrafiltration membrane / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1.5 L minute / Service life depending on water characteristics.

    Cartridge Ft Line 92: 8.6 bar max. / Block activated carbon cartridge / anti-scale / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 3.78 L minute / Service life 7,500 L 1 year.

  • Water softeners new economic generation and electricity Delta simplex duplex

    Water softeners ECO technics Delta Simplex Duplex is a new volumetric system generation

    Published by Aguagreen

    ECO softeners are the most effective solution, the more efficient and economical to remove limestone and magnesium. What exactly is meant by the names of "new generation" and "ECO"? This is a device with innovative and reliable technologies that reduce the overall environmental footprint, 100% hydraulic operation without electricity, Reduced consumption of water / sodium during regeneration, No electronic card to program, Works only to the call of water, Ion exchange resin of incomparable efficiency, Modern materials unalterable exceptional resistance, Setting a simple and exemplary clarity, More compact and flexible than a conventional softener, A complete cycle of profits shall be obtained in the treatment of hard water, An independent water softener consumes only 300 grams of sodium and 20 liters of water per regeneration or up to six times less than a conventional softener, it's a revolution! European manufacture, all devices and parts are covered by a comprehensive warranty and after-sales dynamics. Each unit is tested and checked on the test bench in Belgium or France. They benefit from the Certificate of Sanitary Conformity. The new generation of water softener range is available in several models: RANGE ECO 1 Delta Simplex Duplex (up to 2600 liters of softened water per hour), WATER SOFTENER ECO 1S 1500 liters per hour/up to 6 occupants, WATER SOFTENER ECO 1D, 2600 liters per hour/up to 10 occupants, WATER SOFTENER ECO MORAVA New! 2600 liters per hour/up to 10 occupants, RANGE ECO 2 Delta Simplex Duplex (up to 4200 liters of softened water per hour), WATER SOFTENER ECO 2S 3000 liters per hour/up to 10 occupants, WATER SOFTENER ECO 2D 4200 liters per hour / up to 20 occupants What does "S" and "D"? S = Simplex (one body or one generation resin block), D = Duplex (body 2 or 2 new generation resin blocks) must in some cases. When to opt for a mandatory softener body double "D" (ECO 1D, 2D and ECO ECO MORAVA)? When hot water is produced by a plate heat accumulator, a CAP and solar water heater or heat pump water heater. Indeed, these modern systems require that the water hardness is maintained at 8 °C continuously. Reche cloth texture rapidly degraded? Flexible textiles and extended life are waiting for you in addition to significant savings in soap. Lack of space to install a water softener? Small, powerful and compact, water softeners ECO are flexible and adaptable in all cramped situation.

  • Wide range of water sterilizers brand ultraviolet Cintropur

    Drinking water by ultraviolet rays of CINTROPUR UV

    Published by Aguagreen

    After the models Cintropur 1000, 1000 ECO, 2000, 2000 ECO, TiO-UV, TiO-UV ECO and 10000, Airwatec revamps its range and power of new sterilizers water purifiers: Cintropur UV 2100, Cintropur DUO-UV and Cintropur TRIO-UV. To recap on the usefulness of the ultraviolet water treatment, UV radiation (uvc) at 253.7 Nm is part of artificially propagated solar radiation but more intense intensity. Proven technology for disinfection, UV radiation neutralizes DNA reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, while respecting the environment. This method is ideal for making drinking water according to the settings in effect scientifically.The three new models are based on the architecture of the range of water filters Cintropur domestic category, namely the model NW25. Cintropur uv range is a new products of Airwatec The advantages of the new models Cintropur uv: More compact than any other UV, With integrated flow limiter guarantees optimal treatment, Equipped with a handy chart maintenance monitoring, Quality of selected components, Professional finish, Treatment effectiveness biodosimetry test in support, Range of devices covering 1 to 10 M³ / H, Economic or any equipment options to choose, Possibility of combining UV + filtration and activated carbon. New models of operating convenience Cintropur UV-2100 UV DUO and TRIO-UV: When working on the device for changing the lamp, a rotation of 5° UV enough to remove and change the UV lamp. Particulate filtration prior to the ultraviolet radiation of UV Cintropur: Always advisable that UV radiation is optimal and not disturbed by suspended particles. Positioning Cintropur UV filter: The UV radiation filter must always be last in the chain of water treatment devices. IMPORTANT Operating your UV sterilizer will remain effective over time if the lamp change is made annually. After one year of use, keep the lamp of blue radiation is no longer a good indicator of your operating UV sterilizer.  Water purification devices to ultraviolet radiation Because of its simplicity and efficiency, water sterilization by UV radiation has greatly expanded in recent years. UV radiation at 253.7 Nm is part of the solar radiation which is reproduced artificially.These products have as UVC radiation of a much greater intensity than sunlight and are therefore used for the sterilization of water. The technology of choice for disinfection is recognized for the removal of legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and, in the environmental respect. This is the ideal way to remove the water of microorganisms and to make it drinkable bacteriological level. This water will be recognized as safe if the chemical parameters are checked and satisfactory.

  • Economic professional solution to clarify the water by filtration in a filter sleeve or activated carbon

    Why use water filters CINTROPUR ? 

    Published by Aguagreen

    In addition to being environmentally friendly and inexpensive Cintropur water filters are a great solution to clean water. While strainers trap sediment suspended in water (sand, rust, gravel, etc.), activated carbon filters greatly reduce pesticides and chemical residues. Renowned worldwide for its excellent natural properties, activated carbon significantly improves the taste and odor of water. Why choose manufacturer Cintropur AIRWATEC? Cintropur is a trademark owned by the Belgian company Airwatec, éméritée for its innovations in water treatment. European manufacturing, their filters are designed with premium quality synthetic materials that make them exceptional products. 5 year warranty, the Cintropur filters also benefit the health certificate of conformity and therefore suitable for food use and drinking water. Behind the Rolls Royce of water purification hides a little secret: the screen, ingeniously woven Airwatec. In reliability, they are available in different filter fineness: 1 micron, 5 microns, 10 microns, 25 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns for disposable and 150 microns or 300 microns for washable. At competitive prices, they are also very easy to change, which offers the possibility of more resourceful to save on labor. Cintropur functions It is based on a simple principle. The water enters on one side and its flow is converted into centrifugal effect through the propeller Cintropur which precipitates the heavy particles in the lower bowl. The water then passes through the sieve filtration finalizes retaining the smallest particles in suspension depending on the chosen finesse then, finally emerges from the other side to reach sewage system. Cintropur is a solution where fouling of the public network comes up ... you! When work is performed on public waterways, large drops sediment form stones in the boiler, often causing substantial damage. The use of a filter is a wise choice in protecting its equipment. Unless you are in the Alps, filtration of the drinking water is far from being a luxury! Better that these sediments remain in the filter rather than in or on our bodies! Well water with Cintropur filters Filtration is essential in the well water, provided that the level of iron has been previously solved (≤100mg/L). If the water is still very busy, it is advisable to have progressive levels of filtration (eg first screen filter with a fineness of 150 microns, the 2nd 25 microns and 3rd 5 microns). Treatment of filtered rainwater Cintropur As for the treatment of rainwater, the sieve Cintropur filters suitable. An additional carbon filtration will eliminate unpleasant odors and even produce drinking water under certain periodic maintenance conditions. Refer to filter Cintropur NW-TE or TE-CTN strainer removable case designed to contain activated carbon. Cintropur filter with activated carbon Cintropur A strainer or removable container easier to maintain but to a lesser capacity, the Cintropur filters use a highly effective special activated carbon for water treatment. System Cintropur strainer It differs slightly from the sieve cousin. The water still in one side and out the other after filtration, but its flow does not need to be transformed into a propeller centrifugal effect.

Aguagreen is manufacturer of Galvac Ion, designer of the range Aguapure and distributor of water filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultra-filters, UV sterilizers and water dispensers since 2009. The best water filters, water softeners and sterilizers UV for to purifier the water are in Aguagreen.

Water purifiers for large building Pure and fresh water throughout the house Boiler protection and hot water tank Protection of the dryer Soft water in the shower Protecting the washing machine Iron protection Protection coffee machine Ultra-filtered water to drink Ultra-filtered water for cooking Destruction mites BY UV AirThink Rain water purified by UV sterilization Rainwater or secure drilling Water sterilization by ultraviolet radiation Taps and 3 ways faucets

Treat effectively all types of water: rain, drilling, wells, river water and lasts network, with devices at the best quality / price. Water filters and water purifiers: Cintropur domestic and industrial Cintropur ranges, ultrafilters Cintroclear is replaced by Ft Line, Proline Plus reverse osmosis. Water dispensers of hot and cold water: Columbia 700 range. Water sterilizers by UV: Cintropur UV and Kinglight. Water softeners new generation ECO Delta duplex and simplex and Watermark. All products, supplies and accessories are in stock in regional warehouses webshop.

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Purification of water by the FT Line ultrafiltration system which replaces Cintroclear

Purification of water by the FT Line ultrafiltration system which replaces Cintroclear

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Reviews and written comments that were posted by customers Aguagreen

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