• Large selection of water filters, water softeners and water sterilizer UV to refine your water

    Our water filters, softeners, UV sterilizers, reverse osmosis and water dispensers are guaranteed

    Aguagreen is a designer and manufacturer of anticorrosion limescale reactor GALVAC ION, assembler designer range of ecological water refiners Aguapure that is compatible with water filters Cintropur.

    Several ranges of specific equipment are available to treat hard water, rain, drilling, river or wells. Water filters Cintropur. Sterilizers water UV Cintropur. Ultrafilters Cintroclear and Ft Line. Reverse Osmosis Proline Plus. Water Dispensers Columbia. Water softeners ECO Delta simplex duplex and Watermark.

    Certified and guaranteed products. Competitive prices. Many references.

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  • Economic professional solution to clarify the water by filtration in a filter sleeve or activated carbon

    Why use water filters Cintropur ?

    In addition to being environmentally friendly and inexpensive Cintropur water filters are a great solution to clean water.

    While strainers trap sediment suspended in water (sand, rust, gravel, etc.), activated carbon filters greatly reduce pesticides and chemical residues. Renowned worldwide for its excellent natural properties, activated carbon significantly improves the taste and odor of water.

    Why choose manufacturer Cintropur AIRWATEC ?
    Cintropur is a trademark owned by the Belgian company Airwatec, éméritée for its innovations in water treatment
    European manufacturing, their filters are designed with premium quality synthetic materials that make them exceptional products. 5 year warranty, the Cintropur filters also benefit the health certificate of conformity and therefore suitable for food use and drinking water.

  • The water softeners and the water filters Aguagreen purifies your water efficiently with sanitary safety

    Purify water with our filters and water softeners

    Aguagreen distributes water filters and softeners from European partners or from its manufacture. 

    His commitment is to advise you the water treatment equipments that are in perfect harmony with your needs: pure water or fresh water, or both. Beyond the words, Aguagreen provides customer references attesting to his professionalism. 

    You will find in our shop: water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis, ultra-filters, UV sterilizers, accessories, supplies and spare parts.

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Aguagreen is distributor and manufacturer of water filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultra-filters, UV sterilizers and water dispensers since 2009. The best water filters, water softeners and sterilizers UV for to purifier the water are in Aguagreen.

Water purifiers for large building Pure and fresh water throughout the house Boiler protection and hot water tank Protection of the dryer Soft water in the shower Protecting the washing machine Iron protection Protection coffee machine Ultra-filtered water to drink Ultra-filtered water for cooking Destruction mites BY UV AirThink Rain water purified by UV sterilization Rainwater or secure drilling Water sterilization by ultraviolet radiation Taps and 3 ways faucets

Treat effectively all types of water: rain, drilling, wells, river water and lasts network, with devices at the best quality / price. Water filters and water purifiers: Cintropur domestic and industrial Cintropur ranges, ultrafilters Cintroclear and Ft Line, Proline Plus reverse osmosis. Water dispensers of hot and cold water: Columbia 700 range. Water sterilizers by UV: Cintroclear UV, Cintropur UV and Kinglight. Water softeners new generation ECO Delta duplex and simplex and Watermark. All products, supplies and accessories are in stock in regional warehouses webshop.

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Another solution to try and unblock the filter bowl Cintropur

Another solution to try and unblock the filter bowl Cintropur

The bowl Cintropur filter is blocked. Unable to loosen it with Cintropur key. Do not insist, you may break the key. Another solution is to use two keys to increase the strength of the lever. Order a second key. Then, when you put the bowl, remember that hand tightening firmly enough. Beforehand, put some silicone grease on the threads to facilitate the loosening in the future.
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Water purification by the UV disinfection system Cintropur

Water purification by the UV disinfection system Cintropur

The intensive use of water other than water from the public network requires a strict health protection method. This is generally purify water flow rates from 0.5 to 10 M3 per hour for full use covering the entire home. Ultraviolet radiation therapy is advocated here is a great solution. In contrast, the treated water should be sufficiently clean and low hardness, maximum 10-15 °F.
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Water purification through ultrafiltration system Cintroclear

Water purification through ultrafiltration system Cintroclear

After filtration, ultrafiltration is the first purification stage type providing 0.15 micron filtration performance even 0.03 micron depending on the configuration of the filter cartridges and the equipment type, able to retain up to 99, 99% of the viruses and bacteria on the one hand, but also to significantly improve the taste and smell of the treated water. 
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Reviews and written comments that were posted by customers Aguagreen

Reviews and written comments that were posted by customers Aguagreen

All reviews and comments that have been posted by Aguagreen customers were confined to one page for ease of access and reading the product pages. They are all authentic. These customers can be reached via their email. Simply enroll in the webshop and make a request for agreement according to the law on respect for privacy.
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